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The eastern mole generally feeds heavily on earthworms and scarabaeid larvae, commonly called grubworms (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).
Simons Island, scarabaeid larvae ranked highest in volume (47.
scarabaeids, pentatomids and cicadellids) were included in the diet of big brown bats, Whitaker (1995) concluded that the species is a particularly valuable asset to agriculture.
However, digging under sugarcane plants yielded no scarabaeid grubs, but rather what appeared to be curculionid grubs (larvae).
Kairomones from scarabaeid grubs and their frass as cues in below-ground host location by the parasitoids Tiphia vernalis and Tiphia pygidialis.
For example, scarabaeids were present at 63% and 64% volumes for the respective 28 May and 23 July samples; followed by the overlapping curculionids at 25% and 42% volumes for 23 and 31 July, respectively; and then carabids at 40% and 65% volumes for 31 July and 9 August, respectively (Table 1).
The susceptibility of the Scarabaeids may vary with exposure in the different concentrations of insecticides (Villani et al.