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scarabaeid beetle considered divine by ancient Egyptians

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Nothing more is known regarding the biology and immature stages, other than the present observations of eggs being laid in dung balls as they are interred by the southern African scarab species Scarabaeus damarensis.
Roedden nhw'n gweld hyn yn debyg i'r ffordd roedd chwilen y dom yn gweithio drwy rowlio'n bl o faw yn gyson, a dyma sut y cysylltwyd y scarab neu chwilen yr Aifft Khepri.
Investigators also recovered the scarab, which would have been placed on the chest of a mummy to prevent its heart from being removed.
SAD LOSS: Colleagues pay tribute, above, to Gary in his Scarab, right HAPPY TIMES: Gary with daughter Gemma, above, and son Adam, left TRIBUTE: Gary's road sweeper led the way FAMILY MAN: Terriann, above, with her dad
I found that the scales on the scarab beetle's wings exhibit interference properties.
The Warrants form part of the consideration due to Scarab for acting
The city council has taken a delivery of 10 new Scarab Minor vehicles and three new hot wash vehicles, which will clean the roads and pavements of Liverpool city centre between 6.
Operation Scarab saw speed cameras set up on main roads in the area on June 25 and drivers stopped and "advised" by police about their driving.
The scarab was a powerful symbol of rebirth and resurrection connected to the myths surrounding the rising of the sun at dawn, and occurs frequently in funerary contexts.
A teacher of creative writing at Detroit's Scarab club and Opera House, Dawn McDuffie is an accomplished poet, one whose word smithing skills fully justify recommending her work to the attention of serious scholarship and dedicated poetry enthusiasts alike.
Four Scarab Magnum sweepers are cleaning roads on the major routes and larger housing estates.
Day of the Scarab is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.
Nine gas fields have been identified so far: Scarab, Saffron, Simian, Sienna, Sapphire, Serpent, Saurus, Seqouia and Solar.
I would pray to a blue scarab inlaid in lapis lazuli
Blue Scarab Press has done an amazing job in this pairing, as with the others published in Pocatello Blend.