scar tissue

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the connective tissue that forms a scar

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In the small region that had been slightly injured by the needle, the stem cells turned into cells resembling cartilage and scar tissue, Chiu notes This suggests that bone marrow stem cells may not successfully transform into heart cells in damaged areas, he says, so researchers may need to develop ways of turning stromal cells into heart muscle cells before they are transplanted.
The goal of the stenting procedure was to prevent the closure of the FSOT by scar tissue.
Countless third-party, scientific studies have shown this new product to be extremely effective in accelerating healing and reducing scar tissue in wounded animals, especially horses.
The researchers believe that the drug blocks the signalling pathway so that the liver myofibroblasts die, removing the source of scar tissue.
The doctors sliced off a layer of scar tissue covering Denis' left cheek and covered it with cadaver skin that will protect the wound and promote blood flow.
Last week, the elder Grossman cut away a flap of coarse, thick scar tissue from Denis' right cheek and covered it with cadaver skin to protect the wound.
In people stricken by a heart attack, the cells die and are replaced by scar tissue.
Postsurgical adhesions are abnormal bands of scar tissue that can form between tissues following surgery and cause postoperative complications such as recurrent back pain and weakness.
On Monday, Grossman removed a mass of scar tissue about the size of a slice of bread from Denis' right cheek and covered it with cadaver skin.
Heart tissue damaged by lack of blood and oxygen recovers very gradually; some of it dies, becoming scar tissue.
Some of these events were associated with use of B2000 to deliver FUZEON either in close proximity to bone joints or into scar tissue.
A few minutes later he was unconscious on the operating table, and Grossman was cutting away a flap of scar tissue from his right cheek about the size of a slice of bread.
In a severe form, called wet macular degeneration, an overgrowth of blood vessels causes scar tissue to form as blood and other fluids leak inside the eye.
Today's surgery will be the first of many treatments during the coming year to trim scar tissue from the boy's face and graft on skin from his leg, which is more elastic and will allow him more normal expressions and movement.