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Synonyms for scar

Synonyms for scar

a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue

an indication of damage

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Tips for a scar treatment protocol with AFR include low density and treating the entire scar plus a 1- to 2-mm rim, Dr.
KDG revolutionized the quick-detach (QD) rail mount for M-LOK and gave the SCAR a more robust adjustable stock system based on the Magpul Masada/Remington ACR stock.
The online availability of scar treatment products, such as scar treating creams, sprays, oils, gels leads to increased accessibility of these products.
Keloid scars - caused by an excess of scar tissue produced, where the scar grows beyond the boundaries of the original wound.
Histopathological finding of scar mass showed fibrocollagenous tissue as well as fibroadipose tissue with normal endometrial glands and stroma.
Keywords: Scar endometriosis, Endometrial tissue, Uterine surgery, Cyclical pain, Case series.
Similarly, Beiersdorf AG, the maker of Curad bandages, offers Curad Scar Therapy cosmetic pads, another product marketed mainly to women concerned about scars from caesarean deliveries or minor surgery.
One in 10 also admit to feeling isolated as a result of their scar, and almost 60% of respondents confess they do try to hide their scars, with clothing or make-up.
A hypertrophic scar is one of the fibrotic diseases, arising from fibroproliferation disorder which occurs after the damage of deep dermis by burns or trauma.
At our institution as is true at many other hospitals, most radial scars diagnosed in an NCB sample are surgically excised, regardless of radial scar size or other radiologic or pathologic features.
Of interest is that rather than being equivalent to the classic full-face chemical resurfacing, this technique can be used on focal chemical scar reconstruction.
None of the surgical procedures available for vocal fold scar is effective consistently.
Smaller pharmaceutical companies also are attempting to bring innovation to the scar treatment category.
Consequently, the study has indicated that hypertrophic and stretched scars formed during the skin tape were removed; it has suggested that tension acting on a scar is the trigger for hypertrophic scarring.