rotator cuff

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a supporting structure of the shoulder consisting of the muscles and tendons that attach the arm to the shoulder joint and enable the arm to move

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Three-dimensional Fayad Comparare la cinematica scapular kinematics et al scapolare in soggetti and scapulohumeral 2008 b (29) con osteoartrite rhythm in patients gleno-omerale (GHO) con with glenohumeral la spalla contro osteoarthritis or laterale sana e con frozen shoulder soggetti con frozen shoulder (FS) durante i movimenti di elevazione sul piano sagittale e frontale.
This paper aims to bring theoretical arguments regarding the importance of suppleness in preventing scapulohumeral dislocation in performance athletes.
The right wing was amputated at the scapulohumeral joint, and the bird recovered well after surgery.
In agreement with the clinical description of FSHD, the characteristic presentation at onset associated with facial or scapulohumeral weakness was observed in most of our patients.
Ambulatory measurement of the scapulohumeral rhythm: Intra- and inter-operator agreement of a protocol based on inertial and magnetic sensors.
Aquatic Physiotherapy (AP) has been promoted as a method for improving the scapulohumeral rhythm by reducing the weight on the arm.
Angular values, expressed in Euler angles, for the humeral motion relative to the thorax (thoracohumeral angles) and to the scapula (scapulohumeral angles) were determined using the ISB (Wu et al., 2005) recommended rotation sequences (y, x', y''): arm elevation, plane of arm elevation and axial rotation.
Scaputothoracic muscle fatigue associated with alterations in scapulohumeral rhythm kinematics during maximum resistive shoulder elevation.
The horse with acute/recent olecranon bursitis suffers from the problem of flexion and extension of scapulohumeral joint.
The coracoclavicular ligaments play an important role in linking scapulohumeral motion and scapulothoracic motion.
Subsequently, relief of inflammation and pain associated with lumbago, scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervico-omo-brachial syndrome, and tendinists/tendosynovitis were approved as additional indications in June 2009.
A suspected case of proximal diabetic neuropathy predominantly presenting with scapulohumeral muscle weakness and deep aching pain.
Well, if it's a strain of the teres major (a scapulohumeral muscle) or medial shoulder instability, until you treat it appropriately, it's never going to get better!
(4) The Garth Method is recommended for scapulohumeral dislocations.
Here the technique is addressing a contributing factor (for example, increased scapulothoracic or scapulohumeral muscle tone) that, in turn, may reduce the load on the glenohumeral source(s) of the symptoms.