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Many surgical approaches, such as arthroplasty, glenohumeral arthrodesis, internal fixation for the stabilization of fractures, acromioplasty and acromionectomy for rotator cuff tendinitis all involve the scapula. A detailed knowledge of scapular anatomy is therefore essential for successful total shoulder arthroplasty or surgical treatment of disorders related to scapula and shoulder, as well as shoulder arthroscopy (Ebraheim et al., 2000; von Schroeder et al., 2001).
2004): it can be turned into a foramen by ossification of the transverse ligament of the scapula. The foramen then serves as a conduit for the suprascapular nerve, which gives sensory branches to ligamentous structures associated with the acromioclavicular and shoulder joints and motor branches to supraspinatus and infraspinatus (Aydinlioglu et al.; Bayramoglu et al., 2003; Urguden et al., 2004; Sabanciogullari et al., 2006; Ofusori et al., 2008).
Scapula also known as the shoulder blade is a large triangular, flat bone which is situated in the posterolateral aspect of the chest wall overlapping the second to seventh ribs.
The present study analyses the morphometry of the acromion process of scapula, which may help orthopaedicians during surgical repair around the shoulder joint.
In our case, the cyst was in a previously undescribed localization on the back between the two scapulas with the age of the case, 13 years, in accordance with the literature [1].
The scalp, scapula, thumb, abdomen, umbilicus, perineum, inguinal region, thigh, ankle, knee, and gluteus are other locations of cutaneous ciliated cysts reported in girls [1, 3].
For a better description of posture and deformities, six supplemental markers picked coordinates of shoulders (U1 and U2), scapulas (O1 and O2) and iliac crests (P1 and P2).
Background: The suprascapular notch of scapula is converted into a foramen by superior transverse scapular ligament (STSL) with the suprascapular nerve passing through the foramen and the suprasca-pular vessels passing above it.
These two maneuvers tend to roll your scapula into the right position and recruit the correct muscles for proper back tension.
Spoor regards that scapula as evidence of an "all-purpose" shoulder that allowed for climbing.
The arms form a goal-post position, (remember to pinch those scapulas together to make sure the ball does not go past 180 degrees) with the throwing arm raised to a level higher than the shoulder ("L" position).
[6] In some animals, this suprascapular notch is always bridges by bone in place of ligament [7] Overhead abduction of shoulder joint causes traction on this suprascapular nerve, which may compress it against superior border of scapula. The common site of compression of suprascapular nerve is at the suprascapular notch or at the spinoglenoid notch in nerve entrapment syndrome, an acquired neuropathy.
INTRODUCTION: The scapula is a flat bone of shoulder girdle that lies on the posterolateral aspect of the thorax.
INTRODUCTION: The scapula is one of the most interesting bones of human body.