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resembling or consisting of a scape

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It is a typical member of the "scapose complex", "disjunctum subcomplex" and the closest relative is O.
The understory contains a diverse mixture of perennial grasses, sedges, orchids and scapose monocots and forbs, including numerous carnivorous species such as Sarracenia spp., Drosera spp., Pinguicula spp.
The species of this genus are geophytic bulbous plants, with petiolate lanceolate leaves and scapose, pseudo-umbellate inflorescences of tubular flowers with different patterns of red, pink or yellow and green (Meerow, 1990).
Perennial herbs, scapose, with compactly branched woody caudex, moderately to densely pilose throughout with straight trichomes 0.1-0.6 mm long.
eddie-estevesii Leme, both belonging to the complex of taxa with scapose inflorescence (Leme, 2004).
ficinioides from southern Africa, have the gross morphology of the Ficinia clade, including perennial habit, scapose culms, pseudolateral inflorescences, and spiral glumes.
There are 53 known species of Orthophytum and seven varieties (Louzada 2008), forming two easily distinguished groups: one with a well-developed scape, informally called "complex with scapose inflorescence," and the other group with a sessile inflorescence (Leme, 2004, (Leme 2004)a.