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a reckless and unprincipled reprobate


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You've grown bigger and bonnier, but you are the same scapegrace as ever."
Both Kuragin and Dolokhov were at that time notorious among the rakes and scapegraces of Petersburg.
But the lower- fourth was just now an overgrown form, too large for any one man to attend to properly, and consequently the elysium or ideal form of the young scapegraces who formed the staple of it.
Forty young scapegraces expressed their thanks to the "sorrowful wolf" in their different ways before second lesson.
"As for Reinaldos," replied Don Quixote, "I venture to say that he was broad-faced, of ruddy complexion, with roguish and somewhat prominent eyes, excessively punctilious and touchy, and given to the society of thieves and scapegraces. With regard to Roland, or Rotolando, or Orlando (for the histories call him by all these names), I am of opinion, and hold, that he was of middle height, broad-shouldered, rather bow-legged, swarthy-complexioned, red-bearded, with a hairy body and a severe expression of countenance, a man of few words, but very polite and well-bred."
Besides the individuals I have mentioned, there belonged to the household three young men, dissipated, good-for-nothing, roystering blades of savages, who were either employed in prosecuting love affairs with the maidens of the tribe, or grew boozy on 'arva' and tobacco in the company of congenial spirits, the scapegraces of the valley.
Eventually, their weekly revels morphed into what is now known as the London Literary Society, but Johnson and his companions simply referred to "the Club." The hurdles to entry were high--James Boswell was black-balled until 1773 because the other members viewed him as a scapegrace trading on his friendship with Johnson.
James Baldwin's look at a woman preacher, her scapegrace husband, and their young son takes to the stage Jan.
Scapegrace Gin Produced on New Zealand's South Island.
| Also in my glass I couldn't resist Scapegrace Gin (RRP PS40, Majestic, Amazon, Ocado) when I saw it is produced using water from the New Zealand Alps.
Some formerly scapegrace patricians, by contrast, took advantage of the need for public servants created by the war to achieve respectability.
Cone's nine categories consist of 'clever maidens in love', the 'sentimental hero', the 'clever scapegrace', the 'brave soldiers', the 'merry servants', the 'faithful friends', the '"humours" characters', the 'evil rulers', and the 'chaste maids and maidens'.
Barnes was an openly gay performer in the era of the First World War, a poignant figure whose story George narrates--'His father gassed himself because he was so ashamed of the flamboyance of his son'--before reading the lyrics of Barnes's most celebrated song, 'The Scapegrace or I'm the Black Sheep of the Family'.
You, sir, are a philanderer and a scapegrace. You, sir, tell lies.
As Bulstrode notes, she stands to inherit "fifty thousand pounds for her fortune," all of which "will no doubt be very tightly settled upon herself if she is ever allowed to marry a penniless scapegrace." (140) Combined with her husband's "income of something between sixteen and seventeen thousand a year," it is clear that the Mellish estate will be considerable.