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erect leafless flower stalk growing directly from the ground as in a tulip


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(architecture) upright consisting of the vertical part of a column

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So I covered myself with the sheet, tucked the ends under my feet and the top of my head, and the edges under my body, to limit direct contact with the mattress, which was studded with metal buttons and randomly scaped with starchy patches.
11) (a) 6845 Ac per no hadde non scaped oway, 6846 Nadde chaunce comen fram Crist on heiye (b) 7167 For he smot him forbi, 7168 & Wawain for gret heiye (Guy of Warwick) If rhymes in (11) are impure, the rhyme oway : heiye seems to conceal the pronunciations [ai] : [ei], while the pair forbi : heiye contains, as it seems, the pronunciations [i:] and [ei].
8a); cymbium with four strong spines in a subbasal position and slightly inflected retrolaterally; paracymbium simple, elongate, broadened distally and with a scaped basal lobe (Figs.
Today, it's surrounded by two acres scaped gardens.
They have been scaped by sustainable practices of land management that have survived for centuries and the infield-outfield farming system was the basic principle.
SET in a highly prestigious location, this luxury detached property stands in extensivel and scaped gardens and comes complete with a sweeping driveway, a double garage, an Indian-stone patio area and a sun house.
Its searches after Truth, are a sort of Hawking and Hunting, wherehin the very pursuit makes a great part of the Pleasure." So Emma is excited by the hunt for knowledge, heedless of Locke's subsequent warning that "the Understanding, like the Eye, judging of Objects, only by its own Sight, cannot but be pleased with what it discovers, having less regret for what has scaped it, because it is unknown" (6).
Whereas for Frost and Stevens "evolutionary time" was of particular significance, Costello finds that Moore was especially attentive to the relationship between "nature" and history, as well as the ways in which the American land has been inhabited and "scaped" over time by a specifically American language.
The land is scaped, first and foremost, through bodily movement, not through static enframement.
The vellum on which he wrote soon proved too short, "and he plucked harde to haue made it lengger with his tethe, and it scaped out of his mouthe, and hys hede had a gret stroke ayenst the wall, `& that made me to laugh' And whan seint Martin herde hym, he knewe that seint Brice was an holy man." (9)
TABLE 1 Summary Statistics for Home Characteristics Standard Variable Mean Deviation Minimum Maximum Real price (1990 dollars) $66,198 $49,243 $3,846 $949,554 Age (years) 51.29 24.91 0 119 Fireplaces 0.90 0.71 0 9 Bathrooms 1.29 0.54 1 8 Total square footage 1,396 582 304 13,311 Lot acreage 0.16 0.16 0.01 7.2 TABLE 2 Definition of Open Space Categories Open Space Type Definition Urban park More than 50% of the park is manicured or land scaped and developed for nonnatural resource dependent recreation (e.g., swimming pools, ball fields, sports courts).
But since he's gone, the King's ears it must please He scaped the land to perish on the seas.
"Those that scaped the fire were slaine with the sword, some hewed to peeces...
To have so soone 'scaped worlds and fleshes rage, And, if no other miserie, yet age?