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erect leafless flower stalk growing directly from the ground as in a tulip


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(architecture) upright consisting of the vertical part of a column

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In the scape cross-sections, only scape photographs of the different taxa were given.
Greater forward visibility of project pipelines to support SMEs is also vital, according to Scape, in generating long-term financial security in the UK.
With tips the InSilico team got from RAIN's team of business mentors, Yook said, they can now refine improvements to the SCAPE program to cater to the needs of scientific research teams, working together on new inventions or innovations.
The group aims to increase that saving to 20p in every PS1, while ensuring 60 per cent of project budgets are spent on companies within a 20-mile radius of each Scape site, and raising employment and skills targets by 1,400 per cent.
Scape specialises in providing a range of national and regional procurement frameworks, enabling the UK public sector to procure construction services quicker and more efficiently.
nigricornis group of Oecanthus have a continuous trilling song and 3 or 4 black marks on the scape and pedicel.
Creative technology studio The Illusion Factory announced on Monday commitments to build high profile projects for Hollywood studios, broadcasters, Las Vegas casinos and other companies using its new Z Scape - Mobile Virtual World and Augmented Reality Platform.
Metaphorically, scapes have allowed me to weave various political themes and concepts into my work.
In the imago: 1) scape and pedicel yellowish, without dark brown ring near the base of flagellum; 2) mesonotum yellowish brown; 3) penes with straight posterior margin, lobes of penes laterally projected and rounded (Fig.
Evans Hall is part of that plan "because it's a building that does interrupt the land scape and because it's a building that doesn't fully work for all its activities," Marthinsen notes.
A local retailer received a world premiere of Jennifer Higdon's Concerto for Orchestra and City Scape (Telarc SACD 60620).
This new acoustic description "should have application everywhere a human is embedded in an acoustic sound scape," comments acoustics specialist Vincent Gibiat of the Universite Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France.
The British antismoking group SCAPE (Smoking Cessation Action in Primary carE) found that nearly 80% of the British smokers felt that way, as did almost 70% of those in the Netherlands, France, and Germany, and more than 55% of those in Belgium and Spain.
MELBOURNE If you're surfing for a Web site designed to meet the entertainment needs of the 16- to 39-year-old Oz demographic then Village Roadshow and its online partner Network Ten feel confident you will find their Scape.
I want them to invite the viewer to |enter' into a pleasing environment of dream scape and space," Sanzotta says.