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an upright in house framing

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Although Solar has provided wood veneer interiors and glulam products for over 12 years, the true wood system will allow for operable door and window systems to be manufactured out of 100% wood scantlings rather than utilizing an applied wood veneer.
The specimen buildup consists of two flatwise bonded scantlings, with dimensions and test setup as shown in Figure 1.
In honor of his service in what is now known as the "forgotten war," Scantling was given a certificate making him an honorary member of the 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd "Black Jack" Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, at Fort Hood, Texas, in May.
Another reason, doubtless, has to do with the doctrinal trickiness of the subject: mortalism presents itself in distinguishable strands, but it is often a fine scantling that separates one strand from another, and there may be difficulties in determining whether a given mortalist voice utters on behalf of the soul's "sleep" or the soul's "death.
For here the Trojans taste our dear'st repute With their finest palate: and trust to me, Ulysses, Our imputation shall be oddly poised In this wild action; for the success, Although particular, shall give a scantling Of good or bad unto the general
They are pretty much the core of our worldwide disaster recovery service infrastructure," said Dave Scantling, CEO of Storage Continuity.
SANDRA SCANTLING is assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut.
Transfers 48th Regiment to the 40th Sgt Peter McWharrie returned to England 1826 Cpl James McConnell (1) Pte Benjamin Abel Pte William Blandford returned to England 11 May 1824 Pte William Giddes Pte John Hadlington (1) Pte Henry James (1) Pte John Lee (1) Pte Peter McAuley Pte Lewis Moore (1) Pte Patrick Scantling returned to England 11 May 1824 Pte Francis Thorpe Pte John White Twenty-one members of the 48th transferred to the 3rd Regiment waiting discharge in NSW.
Scantling has joined the Hartford office as a partner in the corporate securities practice group, working extensively with the corporate trust departments of banks in a wide variety of transactions and with other parties in equipment leasing and other transactional relationships.
Powell ("24") and Jake Rademacher, and executive produced by Gary Sinise and David Scantling.
It also means the designer is not constrained by the need to design from a uniform plate thickness or standard set of scantling dimensions.
Tenders are invited for supply of plank and scantling for qm section