scantily clad

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inadequately clothed

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There's no doubt that these good-looking, scantily clad young women are only there for men's pleasure.
Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent 'warrior' woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character's current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit," the petition reads.
If you want to show a picture of a scantily clad woman, do so.
Families were complaining about the lack of respect the scantily clad women had for our society and our rules, and wearing your swimwear in a park or zoo is inappropriate.
The 'Weinergate' scandal first erupted when Weiner sent a lewd photo of his scantily clad lower torso via Twitter.
On one beautiful autumnal day with bright sunshine, average temperature and very windy, I wish that I had a pound for each of these scantily clad ladies who said, "it's freezing
But the judge ruled that he could not possibly calculate the percentage of the estimated 28 men per week who visited the premises simply for "a massage from a scantily clad young lady which is quite lawful, and those who ordered a massage as a precursor to more sexual activity.
Yuna is looking for her man, but what about her two scantily clad sidekicks?
There is plenty of humour in this show from the scantily clad trickster Autolycus (Richard Katz), the carping Paulina (Linda Bassett) and the partying of the even more scantily clad countryfolk.
If scantily clad 7-year-olds bring home the trophies, it's not a match for NHPAs values.
Carl Pritchett (52) and Nathan Langston (22) are accused of running Cuddles Massage Parlour in Birmingham after a raid where police discovered scantily clad women and a couple having sex.
Although whether they will choose to be scantily clad or simply adopt the superhero approach of wearing briefs on the outside of their trousers remains to be seen.
she was intoxicated and scantily clad in a way that damaged Live 8's reputation.
Though Aphrodisia's artworks are emphatically not pornographic, some have an erotic tone, and there are quite a few nude or extremely scantily clad female images.
Loosely chronological, each chapter is organized around a legal case that illuminates aspects of the city's ambivalent relationship with a variety of forms of commercial sexual exchange, most obviously prostitution, but concert halls (with their scantily clad beer jerkers) and concubinage as well.