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analysis of verse into metrical patterns

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The line just above this one is nearly as impressive in the same vein: straight iambic scansion is okay there but rather feeble from a hydraulic standpoint.
Haynes calls his scansion "controversial." This may be a concession to Saintsbury, who had pronounced its meter anapestic because very soon into the poem most of the lines begin with unstressed syllables that "defeat the hexametrical movement" (Saintsbury, p.
Then he acknowledged: "Sometimes the sense is more important than the scansion." Asked one cast member: "In the line, 'Fair is foul and foul is fair,' what meaning does 'fair' have?"
"Sprung riddims" conceptually bubble experimentsin scansion over recycled reggae instrumentals in a manner appropriatelyshaped to this craggy limestone coast, which the sea has edited into aseries of outcrops and coves with a degree of reiterative regularity offorms punctuated by individual structural differences.
William Baker's paper applies cognitive poetics to a reading of Harold Pinter's poetry, and by focusing on "meaning, affect, perceived qualities, and versification," he discusses the difference between traditional scansion of metre, sound and rhythm, and different modes of hearing speech sounds and their thematic meaning.
I also show that this new scansion that restores the lost *v and *y repairs irregular openings as well, although their metrical structure is less regular and therefore less relevant.
The number and location of in-line pauses (caesuras and other breaks), as features not captured by simple scansion, also contribute to rhythmic variation.
She taught scansion and required writing in blank verse and fixedforms.
Rhyme scheme, scansion, poetic feet, assonance, pathos, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and the like, are most assuredly not irrelevant to the demands of musical interpretation.
They range from topics such as 'Pronouncing Shakespeare's Names' to 'A List of Symbols used in Scansion'.
In addition, the scansion is sometimes poor and tenses are changed in order to fit the line.
Mais si la scansion un peu osee donne un certain poids decisif a cette superposition de deux etres heteroclites, la coupe enjambante--"D'hom| mes"--apporte un murmure de fragilite, equilibrant le /c/, le son mi-ouvert posterieur arrondi de la premiere syllabe du mot, avec le schwa non-accentue de la deuxieme syllabe.
The emphasis on prosody's (and especially scansion's) difficulty, from Hegel's anxiety about lost classical properties to George Saintsbury's strained effort to reinvent the troubled idea of the "foot," both unites and disorders Meter Matters.
She thus nuances a field hitherto dominated by discussions of aesthetics, sound and scansion by reassessing the way in which the Victorians listened to and experienced rhyme and metre through their faith commitments.