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a white trivalent metallic element

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In course of this project the company's specialists managed to overcome the main obstacle on the way to making aluminium scandium alloys a mass market product: by managing to reduce the scandium content several-fold, they significantly reduced the cost of the new alloy, meaning that it can now be used en masse in ship building and aerospace manufacturing as well as in other industries that require materials that are easy to work with and delivery low weight to payload ratios.
The flowsheet includes a high-pressure acid leach circuit and Clean TeQ's proprietary resin-in-pulp technology for scandium recovery, followed by purification.
The report estimates 2016-2021 market resent trends for Scandium Nitrate industry.
Pursuant to the terms of the February 2013 settlement, the Nyngan Scandium project's ownership and control will be transferred 100% to the company in return for two cash payments and a percentage royalty on sales of product from the project, to Jervois.
It is shown that self-reversed scandium lines are a proper diagnostic tool for temperature determination in HID lamps.
The facility will now be merged into the HPA design, thus advancing the production of gallium and scandium into 2013.
While Smith & Wesson promotes their use of the rare earth metal scandium, one shouldn't get the mistaken impression a lot of it is being used.
Yttrium, ytterbium, erbium and terbium are all named for Ytterby; many other rare earths have Scandinavian names, such as holmium, named for Stockholm, and scandium, named for Scandinavia.
The rare earth sector covers companies with operations involving exploration, extraction, transport, processing or any other business involving any of the following 17 rare earth elements: Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum, Lutetium, Ytterbium, Thulium, Erbium, Holmium, Dysprosium, Terbium, Gadolinium, Europium, Samarium, Promethium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, and Cerium.
Scandium is a rare, extremely strong and expensive metal that has the ability to transmit a large amount of its strength and flexibility when small amounts of it are alloyed with other metals--aluminum, in this case.
Vijay Scandium (51) led the Wanderers innings with Peter Coleman making 34 and Ed Sherriff 23, but Baker took four for 26 for Pontllanfraith, Jamie Johnson two for 43 and Francois Lodder two for 51 to get them all out for 170 in 44.
In this article for additional alloying scandium and chromium are selected on the basis of analysis of diagrams of state of aluminium alloys and literature data.
A section on the "Baveno classics" deals first with the famous orthoclase crystals, and includes also very interesting chapters on fluorite, on gadolinite and on the scandium minerals (Baveno is the type locality of bazzite, cascandite, jervisite and scandiobabingtonite; also, thorveitite has been found there: thus five of the nine known scandium minerals occur at Baveno).
Here I learned of a mineral detail for my day on Jeopardy, that being that the scandium phosphate mineral, pretulite is only the sixth mineral known to contain the element scandium as a principal component.
Last month, Louisville Slugger launched the Jessica Mendoza Model TPS Scandium XS softball bat, which has become the best-selling first-year softball bat in the company's history.