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a person who spreads malicious gossip

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ScandalMonger is centered on scandals that appeared in the news from 1950 to 2002, although most of the featured scandals occurred in the 1990s.
17) Indeed, most of the radical pressmen published plays: William Molineux, under surveillance in 1818, was the printer of Greenwood's The Death of Life) in London; or Tom & Jerry's Funeral (1823, Royal Coburg) while even Effingham Wilson, that inveterate royal scandalmonger of the 1810s, eventually published the closet drama Spirit of Peers and People.
I filed reports everywhere, even with scandalmonger journalist Heraldo Irreverent.
No longer must one choose between the labels of scandalmonger and serious writer.
Needless to say, nomina sunt odiosa -- one does not wish to name names -- but as they were among themselves at the meeting, and he did not want to appear a scandalmonger, names would be mentioned.
While sensation sold newspapers, Bennett was far more than just a scandalmonger and purveyor of secondhand mayhem.
In addition to The Once and Future King, White's works include The Goshawk (1951), a study of falconry, and two works of social history, The Age of Scandal (1950) and The Scandalmonger (1951).
George's Protestant Episcopal Church and an upright family man to whom no scandal was ever attached, although more than one scandalmonger tried.
And Derbyshire's game with Leicestershire at Derby, including match-fixing scandalmonger Chris Lewis, was finally drowned by the deluge at 4pm.
lt;4> Scandalmonger reporter Hearaldo Irreverent claimed that O'Wally's transporter did dematerialize travelers, just as the glossy brochures so glowingly described, but it failed to re-materialize them, so the travelers never arrived anywhere.
10) 45 Budgie's home (4) 49 Gaming cubes (4) 51 Cruel (10) 53 Make (4) 56 Listening secretly (10) 59 Mull's capital (9) 60 Kris , hockey player (4) 62 Puzzling, strange (9) 64 Thugs (4) 67 Expelled (7) 68 Calamity (7) 69 Maintenance costs (6) 70 Guarantee (6) 71 Awkward (6) 73 Perry ingredient (4) 76 Snapshots (6) 78 Goat-like man (5) 79 Pressure (10) 81 American war general (10) 85 Dynamic (9) 86 Skirt-like trousers (8) 87 Scandalmonger (7) 88 Female spouse (4) 90 Airman (7) 92 Harry , escapologist (7) 93 Thief (slang) (3,4) 95 Striped quadruped (5) 96 Divided into two (6) 98 South American mountains (5) 103 Log platform (4) We are giving you the opportunity to beat your frustration and complete your crossword.
Spellman can't ignore this news, the way some weeklies might, but neither can he afford to look like a scandalmonger.
The theatre critic dubbed Haughey "Flash Harry" and said: "If I could, I would happily sue every scandalmonger who ever linked me to him.
Naturally, this situation becomes the talk of the steamy among Mary's catty friends, especially the scandalmonger Sylvia Fowler (Bening), who has little room to talk - she finds herself on a train to Reno and headed for divorce right after Mary.
While we have CNN, Facebook and Twitter to keep us abreast of every horrific happening, the ancient crowd had to rely on witnesses and scandalmongers.