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Synonyms for scandalization

the condition of being shocked (as by improper behavior)

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the act of scandalizing

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Their sense that they were in the minority, as well as the fact that the issue was touchy in Vaud, led them to use scandalization as a mode of action.
51) This phenomenon of scandalization was seen in the discussion of EU-level sanctions against Austria over the participation of an extreme right-wing party in its federal government.
In this light, Bobbi's indignation and Melinda's confusion at William's growing obsession with the hole are complexified, even justified: what wife wouldn't rail against the realization that her husband is "getting his" from some other "hole," this time demonstrably male, and, to her added scandalization, carrying out the affair in the backyard for their daughter and the whole neighborhood to witness?
When matriarch Ellen put her foot down and prevented Ben from marrying a white woman, it may have been this and other experiences of racism that motivated her as much as her scandalization that the young woman's mother smoked.
Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the authors try to shed some light on the relevance and frequency of political scandals, analyzing how journalists and politicians use scandalization as a strategic tool, how male and female politicians are scandalized, and how scandals impact party popularity and individual political actors.
He explores the production, circulation, and consumption of Indian authors, activists, film and television stars, sports stars, victims, and criminals, and aspects such as celebrities as spectacle, connections to fashion and consumer culture, the scandalization of public life, and social processes of power, meaning, and identity production.