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Hide and crash Where the scammer's vehicle 'hides' in the blind spot of another car before moving in front and braking hard.
Scammers normally ask for payment via wire transfer or prepaid debit cards because it makes it easier for them to get money.
Speaking at a press conference on the anti-fraud campaign of the embassy's Consular Section, Fraud Prevention Manager Leon Gendin said scammers would usually 'use a variety of social media platforms to push their message to attract their potential customers.'
Scammers on the phone pose as employees of computer repair companies and say they "accidentally" deposited money into the victim's bank account.
In yet another incident of exploitation of Google Maps, it has been reported that scammers in India are using the service to mint money by offering an option to deliver alcohol at people's doorsteps.
And one out of five consumers were tricked into continued engagement with scammers, often leading to victims losing hundreds of dollars to these fraudsters.
It was only after providing the scammer with the voucher codes - which Mr Vernon said took at least an hour to complete - that the 58-year-old decided to contact the police.
The scammer, or scammers, on older women who are often widowed or divorced and use a predictable formula: first, they their trust and bombard with attention; then say they are travelling abroad for work, where they involved in an accident.
Experts fear couples could be easy prey for scammers who tempt victims with extravagant offers at bargain prices.
The Eugene Water & Electric Board, the Emerald People's Utility District and the Springfield Utility Board said they've received reports from customers about the scammers.
These scammers ring you to ask you to turn on your computer and give you certain information, so that the scammer can take control of your computer and get your banking details.
In some cases, a scammer's initial post may contain links for users to interact with after liking, but in other cases, links might be added later.
THE TRICKS OF THE SCAMMER HOWEVER they present themselves to you, scammers will always use a certain set of tricks, generally focused on making you believe something's gone wrong, that you are out of control, and that they can put you back in control.
If the person does not comply, the scammer becomes aggressive and threatens to report the student to the police to be arrested.