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Synonyms for scalp

to exploit (another) by charging too much for something

Words related to scalp

the skin that covers the top of the head

sell illegally, as on the black market

remove the scalp of

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This special grant of scalp coolers to Velindre Hospital takes our dream of making the choice of this treatment available to all a step closer.
Staff had first used a pale blue-colored substance on the woman's hair shaft and covered her head with a plastic bag, during which she felt intense heat in her scalp for two hours.
In March this year, Scalp Lock celebrated 40 years of sobriety.
In addition, the scalp and the hair shaft are stripped of their natural oils, to the point of becoming brittle.
However oil build up on the scalp can cause hair loss so beware.
CLEAR anti dandruff shampoo is the Scalp expert within the Unilever portfolio of hair brands which is built on dual gender architecture because it understands that male & female scalps are different & offers those customized solutions to meet gender specific scalp needs.
Many people are going to hair salons to get scalp treatment, but Neeta sets the record straight.
Use shampoos that contain aloe vera to keep dandruff away; it can have long-term repercussions on your scalp.
Antioxidants: Apply warm green tea (two bags brewed in one cup of water) on your scalp and leave this mixture on for an hour and then rinse.
Eucerin DermoCapillaire contains licorice extract in its calming shampoo and scalp treatment.
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy is new to North America, but it is currently sold in more than 40 countries.
A retrospective stuay or more than 11,000 patients with malignant melanomas showed that 5-year melanoma-specific survival was 65% for patients with lesions on the scalp, compared with 78% for patients with tumors on the trunk or elsewhere on the head, face, neck, or ear (P = .
Massage this into the scalp and leave on overnight.
Quite often the shampoo you use can cause scalp irritation and even make your condition worse.
A typical market will start getting busy around five minutes before off time, but with a minute or two to go the market tends to be more settled and this is the time to consider trying to scalp it.