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Synonyms for scalp

to exploit (another) by charging too much for something

Words related to scalp

the skin that covers the top of the head

sell illegally, as on the black market

remove the scalp of

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You have fine scales on your scalp that lift off, get mixed up with your hair and can shed on to your clothes.
The patient wears the cold cap or scalp cooling system before, during, and after each chemotherapy session.
"It is the world's first multi-disciplinary research centre focused on scalp cooling and will take scalp cooling research to another level," said centre co-director Dr Nikolaos Georgopoulos.
Cleanse and hydrate: Massage your shampoo into the scalp to boost blood-flow, and apply conditioner to your scalp as well as the ends of your hair."
If you're going to invest in a supplement to help with hair, one of the top vitamins you should look out for is vitamin A, as this helps skin glands make an oily substance called sebum that moisturises the scalp. Vitamin B is great as it helps in the production of red blood cells that generate oxygen to the hair follicles.
The scalp is the most important part of the head and protection of the hair.
"Scalp care is frequently overlooked, as many people have a tendency to overload hair with products and forget to clarify and remove buildup," says Nicola Chung, senior director of innovation at Sundial Brands, the manufacturer of SheaMoisture.
When you massage the solution into your scalp it improves blood circulation and deeply nourishes hair follicles, leading to healthy hair.
The improved simplicity of the new generation of Paxman Scalp Cooling employs an interactive user interface and touchscreen ensuring ease of use for clinical staff.
The answer is no; a reason for which the services of only certified hair and scalp practitioners should be employed for hair and scalp treatment activities.
The exact incidence and the prevalence of scalp and skull lesions in adults or children are restricted.
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are congenital, fast-flow vascular lesions composed of malformed arterial and venous vessels connected directly to one another without an intervening capillary bed.1 They are more common in brain involving or supplied by intracranial vasculature than those formed by branches of external carotid arteries.2 AVM of scalp is a rare lesion which has its abnormal arteriovenous communication within the subcutaneous fatty layer of scalp with the feeding arteries derived from vessels supplying the scalp.
Objective: To determine the outcomes of free tissue transfer for large scalp and forehead defects reconstruction.