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Synonyms for scallywag

a white Southerner who supported Reconstruction policies after the American Civil War (usually for self-interest)


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a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel

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Our new consulting practice, Scallywag Management, LLC, stands ready to help interested enterprises get to the next level, as it were.
In 1993 Mr Major served libel writs on Scallywag and New Statesman and Society magazines over articles linking him to Ms Latimer, who provided food and drinks for events at 11 Downing Street when he was Chancellor.
The involvement of Scallywag has complicated the case.
Scallywag broke the Groupama around New Caledonia Race monohull record in September for second overall to Beau Geste.
15 (440m): Distant Megan (scr), Brierville Crate (2), Scallywag Pip (3), Funky Monkey (4), Twin (5), Langley Boy (8).
In 1993, Mr Major served libel writs on Scallywag, New Statesman and Society magazines over articles falsely linking him to Clare Latimer, who did the catering for events at 11 Downing Street when he was Chancellor.
And the little charmer who talks to his grandad in the Standard Life advert is a Scallywag kid.
So look you at your loved ones and remember Departure from this life is true/sadly a fact Before you, or they, go forever Be certain to bless your relationship with this pact At least once, but try often, to spend time with those close to your heart whom with you bond Get to deserve the word parent, offspring or friend Rather than look, regretfully on this life from beyond by A Scallywag, via email
And Dwina, 61, says Robin even helped her with Last Confessions of a Scallywag.
FROM PAGE 8 "HE was a little London scallywag," said Bob Crow's brother as he mourned him with words that were true and made people laugh.
30 (260m): Molly (scr), Dillon (scr), Brierville Bud (2), N Power Blue (2), Scallywag Bill (3), Bridie's Choice (3).
Yet some scallywag, some scumbag can jump on the back of a lorry, come over under the tunnel and never expect to work a day in his (expletive) life.
Viz magazine later developed its own version of Winker Watson, in which the simple device of changing a vowel led to an entirely different outlook for the young scallywag.
Q MY son-in-law is a bit of a scallywag and I'm forever having to keep him out of trouble.
Members of the scallywag rap group - including Big Brother favourite Maggot - will join vendors and staff at the opening of an office in their hometown, Newport.