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a shell of a scallop

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She applies this line of reasoning to the transformation of the scallop shell from its mundane form into the symbol of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and ultimately into a universal Western symbol of pilgrimage.
Here, out of a golden scallop shell some 20cm wide, the pale form of the nude Venus emerges; her skin and cap are whitish in tone, but the flowing locks of hair between them are a buttery yellow, her drapery a deep amber.
Flair is less abundant, although the returning scallop shell bonnet and the unusual tower light clusters at the rear are interesting design touches.
Our protagonist, a gent known only as the Man (played by Tom Irwin), has been found in the snow, high in the Pyrenees, clutching a scallop shell and remembering nothing of who he is or how he got there.
Other new products form The Seafood Company include Prawns in Scallop Shell, Crab in Scallop Shell, Hot bake Scallop in Scallop Shell, Cromer Crab Gratin and Lobster Thermidor all contained in distinctive serving plates.
5) In its latest manifestation, Eisenmanism is rather less brash than usual: the generating diagrams of his cultural centre at Santiago de Compostela are produced by conflating images of the old city, the site and a St James's scallop shell, and have helped produce a building that promises to respond to its site and provide much inner sublety.
2000: Prince William's coat of arms was unveiled - combining the Queen and Prince Charles's coats but including a tribute to Diana in the shape of a red scallop shell which came from the Spencer Coat of Arms.
In Across the River and into the Trees, Venice and Renata, like Botticelli's Venus, also "rise from the sea" on a scallop shell of memory.
Marks & Spencer have a bright blue mosaic mirror enhanced with starfish and scallop shell motifs.
Remove them by scraping the fish from tail to head using a blunt, thick-bladed knife, a special descaler or even a scallop shell.
He used a finger to scoop some earth and extracted a scallop shell "that's about 20 million years old," he said.
That between the features of instruments such as the cittern and orpharion and the symbolism of the scallop shell is convincingly and lavishly illustrated with musical instruments, literary references, and paintings.
A SCALLOP THAT PACKS A WALLOP: Scallop Shell is a 100 percent cotton rug, cut-end loop construction, whose shape as well as its center design suggests a scallop shell.
Her work, including an evening bag and scallop shell box, is to be displayed at the Redcar museum until April 7.