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a ladder used to scale walls (as in an attack)

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It seemed the music might take a backseat to the effects - with the band scaling ladders for a jaunty Hello - until old favourites such as Could It Be Magic, Pray and A Million Love Songs appeared to a Hampden phwoar.
The group of teenagers demonstrated skills and training activities learned over the last 12 months, including drill, scaling ladders and hose reel skills.
As they cleared the walls of defenders more Crusaders crossed from the tower or clambered up scaling ladders. They quickly seized the Gate of the Column and opened it to the rest of the Crusader army.
So I had scaled halfway up the ladder, at which point, in scaling ladders while carrying sledge hammers, one can drop the sledge hammer on his foot or not.
Photos of the scene showed firefighters scaling ladders to fight a blaze on the upper floors of a historic apartment block, with wood, debris and shattered glass littering the street.
The mini-movie, which features Wallace and Gromit scaling ladders to hoist the bunting up around a magnificent Trust manor, will be shown at 14 National Trust locations, including two castles in Wales.
After scaling ladders, the team carefully lowered dozing bats found in the boxes to the ground where they were sexed, weighed, the species noted and the wing span measured.
During a graduation ceremony at the end of their course, the 10 youngsters demonstrated their new skills, including scaling ladders and running hoses, watched by invited guests.
Being a Young Firefighter means taking part in firefighting training and activities like scaling ladders, working with the hoses and using special equipment.
Fourteen Northumberland youngsters will soon be scaling ladders and running hoses in a new firefighting course.