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the property of being scaly

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40) The result is a safe and efficient delivery of an optimal ratio of essential fatty acids directly to the skin, replenishing lipid content to relieve scaliness and dryness for a more youthful facial appearance.
Psoroptes infection is characterized by extreme crusting, scaliness, scabbiness and itchiness of the external ear canal and pinnae, but the same clinical signs can be seen in lips, nose, neck, legs and sometimes around genitalia in case of Sarcoptes infestations.
Four of the 28 patients had transient mild scaliness and crusting after first treatment.
In this study, the variables analysed were: surface, volume, energy (NRJ), scaliness (SEsc), roughness (SEr), wrinkles (SEw) and smoothness (SEsm).
4 Consult your doctor if the washing treatment doesn't clear the scaliness and redness within one week.
gt;> Redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin.
Clinical manifestation of hypothyroidism: They include fatigue and extreme somnolence with sleeping up to 12 to 14 hours a day, extreme muscular sluggish- ness, slowed heart rate, decreased cardiac output, decreased blood volume, sometimes increased body weight, constipation, mental sluggishness, failure of many trophic functions in the body evidenced by de- pressed growth of hair and scaliness of the skin, development of a froglike husky voice, and in severe cases, development of an edematous appearance throughout the body called myxedema.
While standing in front of a mirror with your hands pressing firmly down on your hips, look at your breasts for any changes of size, shape, contour, or dimpling, or redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin.
Signs include flushed and reddened tissues, white or grayish tissues, scaliness and possible shedding of dead skin, and evidence of shock.
Most know of psoriasis in practical terms - the red scaliness of the skin, the itching, soreness, the discomfort and the flaking off of the skin on a virtually continuous basis.
There are specific sections, displayed at the top of the Knowledge Base home page, on Pests (flies, mites, nematodes), Diseases (fungal, bacterial, viral, weed molds), Disorders (stem, scaliness, clumping) and Pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants).
In patients who experienced a decrease in lesion number, scaliness, or thickness were considered to have a partial resolution.
Researchers have found that starflower oil has led to reductions in skin inflammation, dryness, scaliness, and itch in eczema patients.
venous lakes, senile angiomas, telangiectasia); pressure ulcer Scaliness Scratching; Wool Dermatitis; Psoriasis; clothing; Strong Vascular insufficiency; soaps; Excessive Fungal infections bathing; Edema; Heat; Moisture Source: Fletcher, 1999 Table 3.
Scaliness in the beginning can dull even the best of cutting tools with the result that they leave a fuzzy as-machined finish at the end.