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capable of being scaled

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We believe the lack of a cost-effective, scaleable solution, capable of supporting seamless roaming between the enterprise and the macro networks has been a real barrier for the wireless enterprise market," says Mike Harris, vice president of Business Development, TELOS Technology, Inc.
The VoIP system is tailored for IP based LAN/WAN technologies, combining TELOS Technology's Sonata Soft Exchange, a scaleable Softswitch for Wireless Mobility, and Intelligent Networking applications, with Hyundai Electronics' IP-capable BTS.
By working with Cheetah to develop a NetMentor compatible transponder for the Harmonic HLN3844 Scaleable Node, we are giving operators more choice," continued Havlek.
The co-developed transponder will be available as a preinstalled option in the HLN3844 Scaleable Node, and can also be easily installed in these nodes already in the field.
The process of integrating the DWDM return transmitter with the node was expedited by the modular design of the Scaleable Node.
This technology together with Harmonic's Scaleable Node makes a whole new range of network architectures economically feasible.
As KDD-NS seeks to strengthen its systems integration services especially in value added intelligent network and computer telephony integration (CTI), Excel's flexible scaleable switching platform will enable us to achieve faster time to market and lower costs for KDD-NS' customers," said Keizo Ohno, President of KDD Network Systems.
Designed to meet network operators' immediate and long-term needs, the PWRBlazer Scaleable Node can be easily reconfigured and upgraded to meet future network demands, such as delivering Internet access, video-on-demand and other targeted services.
SPYRUS is targeting the MCA server product to applications requiring secure, scaleable digital signature support such as certification authority, remote access, and other digital content signature applications.
one of the largest providers of scaleable data warehousing solutions.
today announced an agreement with Price Waterhouse LLC and PW Reseller LLC (a subsidiary to Price Waterhouse LLC) in which PW Reseller LLC will have the right to provide Prism's newly introduced family of Scaleable Data Warehousing Solutions to end users in North America.
under which DIGITAL will offer Prism's Scaleable Data Warehousing Solutions packages in North America as part of its Alpha Warehouse Program.
7, 1996--Mylex Corporation (NASDAQ/NM: MYLX) today announced Scaleable RAID technology, enabling the first fully-embedded RAID on the motherboard solution.
today announced the Modular Scaleable ServerArray System, the latest addition to their extensive line of "server system building blocks.
MicroStrategy offers a truly scaleable OLAP solution in terms of database size, number of users, and analytical complexity," said Boyd Pearce, Pyramid's vice president of marketing.