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capable of being scaled

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Limited troubleshooting capability, long regression test cycles, lack of recovery management, and limited scaleability are the main culprits of most network failures.
This scaleability is achievable through implementation of new land-based transmission technologies as they become available.
Jetstream's CPX-1000, the leading broadband voice services platform, offers unparalleled reliability and scaleability.
com site, Jesse Cohen, CEO of iChargeit stated, &uot;The database infrastructure we have deployed gives us the scaleability necessary to increase our product lines and sales capabilities.
He will then introduce a new approach to distributed multiprocessing known as Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) that provides superior scaleability, real-time response and fault tolerance.
Taking advantage of the scaleability of VPLS is helping operators such as WEBPARTNER to support network growth effectively.