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capable of being scaled

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simultaneous tunnels delivering the capacity and scaleability
Our goals for this release revolve around a strict code, efficient database queries, security and fast page rendering as well as scaleability via the new and improved Ikonboard Skin 2.
Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) today announced new enhancements to its market-leading Internet protocol (IP) management software solution, offering significantly increased productivity, greater scaleability and improved software security to its 900 enterprise, wireline, wireless and service provider customers.
The unit's compact size, scaleability and broad range of features allow broadcast stations and production facilities of all sizes to economically ensure uninterrupted signal output.
The BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform(TM), acclaimed for its reliability and scaleability, allows clients to develop fast-track, future-proof e-business solutions quickly and profitably.
What makes Ntierprise so revolutionary is that it's built on a Windows Distributed Internet Architecture (Windows DNA) allowing for improved performance, manageability, scaleability and seamless integration with complementary applications and the Internet.