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a value on some scale of measurement

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0-5 scale value, membrane damage Index (MDI) (%), relative plant growth rate (RPGR) (%) and leaf relative water content (LRWC) (%) of the bean genotypes in drought stress study
The effects of cutting heights on the number of attached alfalfa stems, dry-biomass of dodder, and scale value of dodder infestation were not statistically significant in any year of study.
It has maximum scale value of 1 and the highest ranked cause has an index of 0.
In the righthand plots, the x axes represent the visual scales of the samples while the higher scale values indicate on average the greater perceived blackness.
The average curves which correspond to every Lorenz parameters begin to be closer when the scale value increases.
The averaging model allows for independently estimating importance (weight) and scale values of the stimuli (Anderson, 1981, 1982).
The average value of gray scale value for block centred in (i, j) is calculated (11)
Figure 1 belongs to the number line that displays this scale value.
The scale value analysis of the statements gave the results as in Table 1.
Table 3 gives the corresponding detailed scale value of local window size parameters for computing STFT in LPQ.
On the other hand, the gray scale value of many of the black-and-white images seems excessively dark, making a fair number of these pictures less useful than they might be, as it is hard to examine them in detail.
Additionally, in all cases, the average level of SFE in all groups was far higher than the median scale value, suggesting SFE may have a powerful and universal effect.
Smaller scale value added resellers will begin to undertake larger projects and hence will become more dominant in the market.
The scales are accurate to [+ or -] 5% of the scale value and the wheels are easily cleaned with a suitable solvent and reused.
The time scale value of two sensor responses under the given simulation angle is calculated by finding the linear curve fit of the first wave arrival.