scale of measurement

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The four point Likert scale of measurement was used to evaluate the importance of internet facilities among college teachers.
The five point Likert scale of measurement was used to evaluate the communication through instant messaging among college teachers.
This is a good title, but I cannot speak to the scale of measurement.
SRM 2514 can be used to calibrate the wavelength scale of measurement equipment in the 1560 nm to 1595 nm region.
The collaborative experience of arriving at decisions about the scale of measurement on which a particular variable is measured apparently clarified the distinctions for these students.
During the visit, the Minister examined the scale of measurements and quality of items.
The ubiquitous 3-digit $49 DMM is a long way from coping with the scale of measurements required in nanoelectronics and nanomaterial reserach.
The guide includes a scale of measurements which safety campaigners believe will reduce serious accidents.