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Scag offers the Pro-V mower with a series of accessories including 4 cu.
The city also argued that due to a lack of industry and jobs in this area, the large increase demanded by SCAG would result in more people having to commute to work, causing worsening traffic conditions on the Antelope Valley Freeway.
Contact: Jeff Lustgarten, SCAG, phone 323-446-3445, website http://www.
Traditionally, agencies including SCAG -- which handles regional planning for transportation, growth, waste management and air quality -- gather statistics for the city of Los Angeles, which sprawls from San Pedro to Sylmar.
With the new power options, Scag anticipates more versatility for the Wildcat mower, which was previously available with a 25 hp Kawasaki FH721V and 27 hp Kohler Command Pro gasoline engine.
SCAG will apply SMDT to create a draft version of ICTM.
And while no serious accidents have occurred, SCAG says there has been numerous near misses - including an incident in which a mother and toddler were nearly hit by a lorry mounting the kerb.
This report card is not the report card that I or any one of us would want to take home,'' said Mark Pisano, executive director of SCAG.
SCAG say they have campaigned to have it removed for a year.
Creating a SCAG sub-region for the Valley will ensure it gets the recognition and acknowledgment it deserves.
Tenders are invited for scag is seeking a qualified consultant with marketing and advertising experience to develop and implement the communication components of go human, a comprehensive regional active transportation safety and encouragement campaign (campaign).