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Synonyms for scab

someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike

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the crustlike surface of a healing skin lesion

form a scab

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take the place of work of someone on strike

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Mr Ruggeri added: "The free testing service is another tool in the farmer's armoury to combat this condition, along with reviewing quarantine arrangements if scab came into the flock from bought-in sheep and working with neighbours with adjacent fields to co-ordinate diagnosis and treatment.
The MP said: "Asking Virgin to publicise when they will be using scab labour to undermine legal action so that customers have the choice to refuse to travel at those times is a reasonable request.
Scabs were soaked overnight in sterile water for sufficient moistening so that under surface of scab was used to make effective impression smears by firmly pressing this surface on to microscope slide.
They found that the extracts most effective against pecan scab came from the bacterium Photorhabdus luminescens (VS strain).
They describe how research on the surface structure of natural scabs served as inspiration for developing a "cytophilic" wound dressing material.
Mr Jones has already launched a collaborative approach to scab control in the area surrounding his farm at Maesllwyni, near Machynlleth.
In addition to the scab removal, my other concern is the timing of scab removal--at home before coming to the dialysis unit.
Potato scab causes rough `scabs' on skins and costs the industry [pounds sterling]4m a year in rejected potatoes.
STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith last night revealed he will boycott Sunday's game between Dundee United and Rangers if the SFA bring in scab referees.
I can't remember the last time I grazed my leg badly enough to merit a good oldfashioned scab.
The official history of the union by Margo Beasley, for instance, makes the point that the Permanent and Casuals (P&Cs), the scab union that played such a decisive role in the 1928 defeat, was set up in the aftermath of 1917 and that: 'Its existence affected the industrial strength of the WWF for decades to come'.
It is evil to be a scab, and therefore deserving of fulmination.
Combining Key's proprietary high-peformance colour cameras with Raptor laser technology, Optyx WPS can sort peeled and peel-on product, differentiating peel from scab, bruise, rot, and green defects.
Specifically, the SCAB was designed to measure what seem to be five components of creativity: creative engagement, creative cognitive style, spontaneity, tolerance, and fantasy.