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say good-bye or bid farewell

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"Dear child, tomorrow we must bear you home, for, much as we long to keep you, it were wrong to bring such sorrow to your loving earthly friends; therefore we will guide you to the brook-side, and there say farewell till you come again to visit us.
"Now, ere we say farewell," said the Queen, as they gathered nearer to the child, "tell me, dear Eva, what among all our Fairy gifts will make you happiest, and it shall be yours."
I believe every one was glad to say farewell to Chiloe; yet if we could forget the gloom and ceaseless rain of winter, Chiloe might pass for a charming island.
Boss Klopp said: "The most important words to say to these two remarkable players is 'thank you' and we can say farewell with the best words possible...
HUGS Embassy staff say farewell to those RUSSIAN embassy staff in London wept yesterday as they said goodbye to 23 diplomats expelled as spies.
IT was an emotional time at Durham's game against Worcestershire as two of their stars prepared to say farewell.
said: "Mr Griffiths will be dearly missed by everyone at the school, and so the Brodleians reunion is a perfect way to ensure past and present pupils get an opportunity to say farewell.'' Mr Griffiths joined the school in 1985, and has been a key figure for the last 31 years.
AND so it's goodnight from him as we say farewell to Ronnie Corbett.
In keeping with Francis' efforts to bring religions closer, New Yorkers who came to say farewell to Francis included a Sikh in a white turban as well as representatives of other faiths.
Pardew looks set to take over at Crystal Palace in the coming days and after talks in the capital with Eagles supremo Steve Parish, he has made the trip back to Tyneside to say farewell.
Ysgol Rhosgadfan, Rhosgadfan, Caernarfon, retiring |cook Ann Jones THIS week pupils, staff, parents and Governors of Ysgol Gynradd Rhosgadfan, Caernarfon, will say farewell to their school cook, Ann Jones, who is retiring from her position after 17 years of service in the kitchen.
The time has come To say farewell my fiend Who has feasted upon my
Tomkins told Sunday Mirror Sport: "There could no be a better way to say farewell to Wigan than winning at Old Trafford.
I won't say farewell, just au revoir" - An undertaking to friends by astronomer Sir Patrick Moore before his death.