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growing on or living among rocks

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This survey resulted in the documentation of four grasshopper species for the first time in the state of Tennessee: Melanoplus punctulatus punctulatus (Scudder), Paratylotropidia brunneri, Pseudopomola brachyptera, and Spharagemon saxatile.
and the species was described as one of the commonest grasshoppers in the Forest in the 1950s (Payne 1958); it prefers the tall swards present on the clay soils occurring in association with patches of heath bedstraw Galium saxatile (W.
Norgaard's (1956) second paper in Oikos on the environment and behavior of Theridion saxatile (now Achaearanea riparia (Blackwall, 1834)) (Theridiidae) is quite outstanding but in addition, an explicit hypothesis was clearly stated.
TRIM over aubrieta and yellow Alyssum saxatile (with garden shears and give them a generous liquid feed of high-potash fertiliser.
So, last September, I took numerous cuttings and potted favourite plants such as a variegated jasmine, a small-leaved Alyssum saxatile, and a free-flowering dwarf scabious.
Although the latter name was validly published, the releves of the association do not include the name-giving taxon Galium saxatile making the name 'Nardo-Galion saxatilis' invalidly published (ICPN art.
In the ARD we documented the use of the small bush Phagnalon saxatile (L.
TRIM aubrieta, its white lookalike arabis, and yellow Alyssum saxatile when they finish flowering to prevent them becoming straggly.
Whether planted in full sun or in a spot with light shade, this perennial, also known as Alyssum saxatile, provides consistent color.