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Synonyms for sawhorse

a framework for holding wood that is being sawed

References in classic literature ?
Once free of the Emerald City the Sawhorse dashed away at tremendous speed.
called the Wizard, and at this the Sawhorse slackened his speed.
The sawdust was made from hard knots, and now the Sawhorse is able to think out any knotty problem he meets with.
So the Sawhorse drew up in front of the great building and they were met at the door by the learned Wogglebug himself.
The Sawhorse is the favorite steed of Princess Ozma, the Ruler of the Land of Oz, and he lives in a stable decorated with pearls and emeralds, at the rear of the royal palace.
Then he turned to the Woozy and said: "I'm afraid you are not important enough to be introduced to the Sawhorse, after all.
So the Scarecrow mounted to the jeweled saddle and waved his hat, when the Sawhorse darted away so swiftly that they were out of sight in an instant.
I quiet agree with you," replied the Sawhorse, in a rough but not unpleasant voice.
It would be foolish to waste intelligence on a common Sawhorse, when so many professors need it.
Then came the Scarecrow on the Sawhorse, with the Tin Woodman and Tiktok marching side by side just behind him.
Randy uses the standing mounts to scan the sky, then he moves to a "tripod on a tripod" or the shoulder or sawhorse mounts when he settles on an object he wants to look at for a while.
Tenders are invited for sawhorse, work table, 47 in.
Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals & Sawhorse Woodworks announce The Heirloom Collection.
The ad showed an energetic Lautner displaying his biceps while swinging from a rope and jumping over a padded sawhorse.
The entire contraption is suspended on a wood sawhorse painted acid yellow.