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primitive ray with sharp teeth on each edge of a long flattened snout

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North-western Australia as a hotspot for endangered elasmobranchs with particular reference to sawfishes and the northern river shark.
Through the long mornings, she'd sleep with me in the van or sit bolt upright on the seat across and, with her palm pressed against her forehead as though she were overheated, tell me of Trapani in the far west of Sicily, or of sawfishes, which she claimed to have found in brackish waters as far as eighty kilometers upriver from the sea, or of her hair, which was the gift of her grandmother and one, she promised me, she wouldn't trade for the Bactrian hoard.
Sawfishes use their spiked snouts as a combination sword, antenna and serving spoon--but not much at all as a saw, scientists have found.
400 species, not all described) and batoid fish (including skates, stingrays, guitarfishes and sawfishes --c.
This rostrum is armed with a row of teeth on each side, resembling that of the sawfishes.
Part Two: Sawfishes, Guitarfishes, Skates and Rays.
Nonetheless, the occurrence of predominantly nearshore warmwater sharks and non-shark taxa (unreported fossils in the GCVP collections), such as sawfishes (Pristis sp.
However, the sawshark may use its saw to stun and disable prey just as sawfishes do.
Louisiana made largetooth and smalltooth sawfishes no-take species in 1999, adding protection within their state waters.