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cut short

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The complaint further alleges that BARBOZA provided the cooperating witness with eight firearms in all, including an illegal, unregistered sawed-off shotgun and a semi-automatic assault weapon which BARBOZA was recorded stating could "cut [a] car in half.
However, possession of a sawed-off shot gun or assault rifles is illegal.
They were charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm, unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm, possession of ammunition without an firearm identification card, possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number and possession of a sawed-off shotgun.
We've responded to about five robberies in the last week where these have been similar types of events, the sawed-off shotguns.
As he waited with the sawed-off shotgun hidden in a duffel bag, a 911 call to the police brought multiple Boston police officers to the scene within moments.
With a knife scar rakishly bisecting his face and a devastating way with a sawed-off shotgun, Omar is the polar opposite of a stereotypical gay man--ruthless with his enemies, tender with his boyfriends.
Yet you'd never suspect such beginnings from his exhibition "Schone Gru[beta] vom Country-Boy" (Best Regards from Country Boy): Lehanka's scenario resembled a garage cram-packed with carved wooden objects, reliefs made of sawed-off surfboards, a few canvases done in the style of thrift-shop paintings, and even a sculpture of an Italian wine god and a standing grill.
The school, on the other hand, points to an exception in the state's Firearms Act that says a person "may not possess any dangerous weapon, firearm, or sawed-off shotgun on or about school, premises.
He naively agreed, and was soon handed a sawed-off shotgun.
A young man fires a sawed-off shotgun in front of a fast-food restaurant.
A Fitchburg man convicted this week in federal court in Worcester of selling sawed-off firearms to an undercover state trooper faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced in September.
While Xieu was being assaulted, her husband, Suot La, came into the store, prompting the robber to pull out a sawed-off shotgun and fire at La.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- A Dorchester man, ANTONIO NAKIA REDRICK, pleaded guilty in federal court on Friday to being a felon in possession of a sawed-off shotgun, which was unregistered in the federal registry.
Officers confiscated three handguns and a sawed-off shotgun.
Fabricated from chipboard and painted white, the humble, Nauman-like structure consisted of a couple of sawed-off swinging doors reminiscent of those on bathroom stalls or changing rooms.