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In this study, fourth-generation sawbones (#3404) with uniform size and mechanical properties, and plates and screws from a single batch were used.
The hand-made jig had a central axis pin, which was inserted into the axis hole in the synthetic humerus sawbone (#3404) to ensure concentricity.
Instead she winds up with local sawbones Fitzpiers (Cal MacAninch), but he proves both inveterate womaniser and confirmed snob, and is soon giving widowed landowner Mrs Charmond (Polly Walker) intimate check-ups.
What I, as a wordsmith, especially resented was the way some of these recently graduated sawbones talked about my incapacity to describe my symptoms.
The use of a metal testing device removed the variable of bone, or Sawbones (Vashon, Washington), strength and allowed determination of the strength of the pin itself.
In an age when we can abolish half the world's maladies with one wave of a disinfectant babywipe, a routine operation to clear out his sinuses can still leave me thinking he's more at risk from the nurse's mucky overalls than anything a rogue sawbones can throw at him.
She goes on the lam, and eventually contacts the sympathetic Abigail to help her find a lawyer--a sawbones who happens to be Avnen
The Sawbones do not duplicate the internal stress transfer found in actual bone, as they lack the internal load distribution trabecular architecture.
Although Sawbones has been used in many studies of screw fixation, the major problem with its use is correlation of results to human bone.
Grafts were pre-tensioned at 50 N for 10 minutes on a standard graft board and were then inserted into synthetic Sawbones bone block (Pacific Research Labs, Vashon, WA) simulating cancellous bone with a density of 0.
Each specimen was secured to the MTS by a Sawbones bone holder (Vashon, WA) at 20[degrees] of flexion.
The Sawbones block containing the cup and insert (seated by a 500 N load) was supported on a concrete base.
However one obvious limitation to this study is that the Sawbones model might not accurately simulate actual bone.
To determine if over tightening the plate fixation screws could cause the observed deformation, the new plate was attached to a composite Sawbones femur with a 2 mm round spacer placed under the plate on one side adjacent to the two plate fixation screws causing a 3 mm gap on the other side of the plate.