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notched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex

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4) We believe that the saw-toothed spine enabled propulsion of the bone through the tissues in one direction only.
The Great West Wall, adorned by St Michael and the Devil (a sculpture by Sir Jacob Epstein), is adjoined by the huge baptistry window and the magnificent saw-toothed knave.
When she does let the vitriol fly, as in the mid-song rant about gentrification that punctuates "Dirty Dirt," stand back--her crazy-eyed, saw-toothed attack could make passersby cross to the other side of the street.
With light in mind, Childs and his team from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill replaced the metal and stone with saw-toothed prism glass panels that will bend and refract light.
Sound comes biting and gnawing in rhythm, saw-toothed chords rising from amps and slowly tearing at the very flesh of those demons that can only be killed by tunes of the most intense magnitude.
It has delicate, compound grayish-green leaves with long, narrow leaflets bearing saw-toothed serration.
In the fictional infestation's early stages, the green-skinned fish were merely a nuisance, and local authorities poisoned the town's lake in hopes of eradicating the pesky saw-toothed beast.
He started selling a knife in 1980 that took the market by storm, based on its saw-toothed edge, pocket clip, and easy-to-open design.
Fearing the worst, I send you this missive - an ill-tempered penance, on stationery edged with motifs of huge saw-toothed glaciers and crunchy little runner beans.
Allowing thin, horizontal rivulets of paint to grid his overlaid grounds, the artist regularly makes his canvases resemble aged, paint-chipped floorboards from whose layered depths emerge saw-toothed verticals with their own visual interest.
In the distance, a saw-toothed range of mountain peaks, wreathed in clouds, tears into the sky.
Termites, known as "silent destroyers" because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper with their saw-toothed jaws, can cause serious damage to the structural stability of a home.
That site actually operates as a water filter and there are some species of plants and animals that don't really appear in other places, and the river the water runs into, the Wenlock River, has the largest bio-diversity range of any freshwater river in the country - it has things like saw-toothed sharks and estuarine crocodiles," Contactmusic quoted Crowe as saying.