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a thrift institution that is required by law to make a certain percentage of its loans as home mortgages

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Police arrived at the savings and loan a minute after they received a call and searched for the robber.
They even had their own lobby: the National Savings and Loan League.
Nor should we forget the punitive instincts of savings and loan examiners, whose passion for requiring the setting up of loan loss reserves is likely to be rekindled if the economy turns down.
Last fall, Congress and the Clinton administration quietly took steps that assured that the tab from the savings and loan cases would be picked up by taxpayers.
Federal banking examiners found 411 instances of faulty or fraudulent property appraisals when they examined the records of the failed Empire Savings and Loan in Mesquite, Texas.
Ten years ago there were about 3,000 savings and loans nationwide of which their main business was home mortgage loans.
The regional economic problems were real, but in assessing responsibility it is important to recognize that the oversupply in the real estate market in certain area was at least partially a result of the lending by the savings and loan associations themselves.
Boone National Savings and Loan Association is the sole savings and loan subsidiary of The Jones Financial Companies, L.
Home Savings, in short, has finally discovered that the savings and loan business is fundamentally an anachronism.
The Bank aims to deliver both financial and personal rewards to its customers, by providing savings and loan products that maximize personal financial advantage for customers while supporting the African-American community.
Company) (Nasdaq:UCFC), holding company of The Home Savings and Loan Company (Home Savings) and Butler Wick Corp.
First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Hazard, Kentucky and Frankfort First Bancorp, Inc.
Klamath First Bancorp is the holding company for Klamath First Federal Savings and Loan Association (Klamath First Federal), organized in 1934.
Pursuant to the Plan of Reorganization and Stock Issuance adopted today, Clifton Savings will reorganize from a New Jersey chartered mutual savings and loan association to a New Jersey chartered stock savings and loan association in the federal mutual holding company format.
We added savings and loan accounts, four branches and a large loan center to our operations, and the Open Solutions conversion team had a definitive answer for all of our concerns, from consolidating redundant systems to reporting to the SEC, other regulatory agencies and the bank's senior management team.
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