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The company, which has 24 shops, sells around 50,000 saveloys a week and all told the firm turns out about 50 tonnes of produce weekly including other sausages, ham, bacon, coleslaw, pease pudding.
Since they launched an online shop, the North East company has been posting pease pudding and saveloy dips to homesick Geordies across the UK.
The Germans' cooked meats, pies, sausages, sandwiches and saveloys were in demand from the working population.
Across the country, people almost choked on their saveloys recently when it was announced that the world-famous Harry Ramsden's company was closing its first-ever branch, which opened in 1928, in Guiseley, near Leeds.
The company had a great reputation for its pies, sausages and saveloys in the region and it is one that the Dickson family, with Michael at its head, has grown to be a modern business with nationwide sales.
Family-owned Tasty Bake, which supplies frozen sausages and saveloys to wholesalers for consumption throughout the UK, are now taking delivery of, on average, 15,000 Rigid cases every week.
German style bierwurst (pork and beef sausuage complemented by German spice mixtures and mustard seeds), peppered silverside of beef, English saveloys, brisket pastrami and boczek (a cured and cooked belly of pork recipe) are some other examples listed in a tantalising catalogue of 71 product lines.
Today they have 23 outlets and an 'expat export' side to the business, making sure that their smoked saveloys can be enjoyed by people all over the world.
And she specifically requested for a pack of saveloys to take home as she believed her father would like to try them.
Last week we launched our Fit 'n' Chips beauty contest after revealing how hot new pounds 15million supermodel Agyness Deyn started out as Laura Hollins serving up saveloys and mushy peas in her native Lancashire.
Nicola added: "He likened our smokers where we smoke our own saveloys to 'huge walk in freezers' and commented on the complexity of the modern day machines we use.
These have been developed especially for the ready-meals, airline catering, sandwich and fast food sectors, and include everything from thaw-and-serve buffet cocktail sausages, microwaveble breakfast sausages and sausages in sausage and mash to saveloys, hot dogs and frankfurters.
Dicksons sell an astonishing 50,000 saveloys a week and, when Princess Anne visited South Shields last month, she asked for saveloys to take home with her.
Staff at the store have also produced two giant saveloys, which they have formed in the shape of a cross to mark Joe's progress through the competition.
Back then, she was plain old Laura Hollins, a teenager who earned her pocket money on a Saturday afternoon dishing up battered cod, saveloys and mushy peas at the Village Chippy in Stubbins, Lancs.