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Synonyms for save





apart from

Synonyms for save

to extricate, as from danger or confinement

to protect (an asset) from loss or destruction

to use without wasting

to accumulate and set aside for future use

Synonyms for save

(sports) the act of preventing the opposition from scoring

save from ruin, destruction, or harm

to keep up and reserve for personal or special use

bring into safety

spend less

Related Words

accumulate money for future use

make unnecessary an expenditure or effort

save from sins

refrain from harming


spend sparingly, avoid the waste of

retain rights to

record data on a computer

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Some out-of-the-box measures are needed to save the situation," a senior finance ministry official with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
While ties have suffered because of India's vote at the UN Human Rights Council against Sri Lanka, PM Manmohan Singh did try to save the situation when he met Rajapaksa last month and assured him of New Delhi's support at international fora in future.
He sets out to save the situation by enlisting the help of an out-of-work troupe of bugs from a low-rent flea circus.
The European officials, aware of the danger of the current debt situation, decided to take some measures to save the situation.
Instead, the case for optimism is that failure - in particular, a breakup of the euro - would be a disaster for everyone, including the Germans, and that in the end this prospect will induce European leaders to do whatever it takes to save the situation.
The anger ceased immediately and the commotion had caused someone from inside to quickly come out and save the situation by whisking me in despite this guard's complaining and hesitation.
In reply the Bay were routed for 112, opener Dave Wallace producing a masterly captain's innings of 65no batting all through, without being able to save the situation.
Only a consensus based agenda could save the situation, he declared.
might lose their influence over the events taking place in the region and concluded that the means to save the situation is to reactivate the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians and other Arab countries," ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported.
Minister of Justice Muhammad bin abd Al-Karim bin abd Al-Aziz Al-Isa officially stated that the decision came to save the situation after errant fatwas and irresponsible statements by some scholars provided pretexts for attacks against Islamic principles and doubts relating to basics in Islamic teachings.
Unable to step in and save the situation Robert seems doomed.
Saints had a let-off on the half hour whenMain failed to control a ball in the box and wrestled with Stephen McKenna to save the situation.
Luckily - and belatedly - nature intervened to save the situation.
An excellent resource for students doing research on the Iraq War: how the US decided to get into the war; how the administration didn't prepare for the aftermath of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein; how efforts to save the situation have failed so far.
In a last ditch effort to save the situation the Taylors have engaged Birmingham property legal experts The John Hughes Law Partnership to help them fight an appeal to be heard in January.