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There may be some discomfort - but a solution can be worked out to save the situation.
But something strange happens when Alek appears to be moved by both Margaret's plight and her determination to save the situation.
probably running for president) dared to say on ABC's "This Week," we absolutely cannot afford to lose and may well have to send in ground troops to save the situation.
Although she fought back to 5-5 with two powerful double- fisted backhands down the line, she could not save the situation and lost the set.
To save the situation from worsening and to help their brethren in Bosnia in distress, the O.
If the forces that brought forth life in the first place cannot be trusted to maintain it-provided they are given the leeway to do so-there is little basis for thinking that anything humans can do will save the situation.
But, there is still time to save the situation if the leaders of our industry would give exemplary guidance.
Torn between his desire to leave and an obsession with unity that leads him to yearn to make one last-ditch effort to save the situation, Bolivar is, as Garcia Marquez depicts him, truly trapped in a labyrinth.
I just hope Guidetti wakes up one morning and realises he's made an a*** of things and does so in time to save the situation for both parties.
Most traders admit they can hardly do much to save the situation.
Dr Darius Kofi Osei, General Manager in-charge of Medical said that child mortality rate was highest in low income countries in sub-Saharan Africa and that child death is emotionally and physically damaging to parents, hence the need for health professionals to be motivated to work hard to save the situation.
The situation could have turned uglier had some senior members, with the help of marshals, not intervened to save the situation.
In a bid to save the situation, Kuriakose said on Monday that he had solved all misgivings with the bishop.
The government that can save the situation in the country… is a government of national coalition," he said, insisting however that it must "represent all the political forces".
The anger ceased immediately and the commotion had caused someone from inside to quickly come out and save the situation by whisking me in despite this guard's complaining and hesitation.