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Synonyms for savagery

Synonyms for savagery

a cruel act or an instance of cruel behavior

Synonyms for savagery

the property of being untamed and ferocious

the trait of extreme cruelty

a brutal barbarous savage act

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In the disorder of the formerly stable Arab lands, the jihadists would make their name through "management of savagery.
The Kurdistan Regional Government calls on all enemies of terror and barbarism to provide the Peshmerga with the heavy weaponry needed to defeat IS and end their reign of savagery through the region.
Today, the border between humanity and savagery is specified by one's choice, if he selects the Palestinian people or the Zionist regime, and it is a big test facing those who claim to be supporting human rights," Shamkhani said on Sunday.
Israel has finally discovered that it no longer can hide the truth about the devastation and savagery it is solely responsible in world's only open prison, Gaza.
Sheriff Williamson said: "This was a grotesque act of savagery.
AP reported that about half a million people died in the arduous battles in the flat, often muddy killing grounds in and around the small Belgian city of Ypres in western Flanders between 1914-18, one of the sites that reflected the savagery of what became known as "The Great War.
Sentencing Green, Judge Peter Collier QC said: "Your final savagery to each of them is almost beyond belief.
He is fostering the loyalty of his generals, their troops and some minority communities in Syria by seeking to show the regime forces as a bulwark against the savagery of the jihadists.
Heavyweight boxing champion turned opposition politician Vitaly Klitschko said: "After the savagery we have seen on Independence Square we must send Yanukovich packing.
He was notorious for his savagery and butchered other victims with an axe or sword or beat them to death with lead-piping.
The butchering of a soldier with knives and cleavers in the middle of a street in England is not, of course, the only example of savagery perpetrated in the name of Islam.
These were murders of quite exceptional brutality and savagery.
Summary: "Inflammatory" ads equating Islamic jihad with savagery have been posted in New York City subway stations, causing controversy.
Public prosecutor Eric Maillaud told a press conference: "I won't say it was professional, what I will say is it was tremendous savagery.
Lord of the Flies charts the descent of civilisation into savagery and directors David Hutchinson and Phillip Rowntree have done a good job of capturing the boisterousness at the heart of Golding's novel with jungle drums, bold lighting and lashings of blood.