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Synonyms for savagery

Synonyms for savagery

a cruel act or an instance of cruel behavior

Synonyms for savagery

the property of being untamed and ferocious

the trait of extreme cruelty

a brutal barbarous savage act

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The butchery in England was savagery incarnate, of course, but one fact has emerged from this event: People are now able to distinguish between true Muslims and the scourge of radicalism.
At first, they try to organise in a civilised manner; however, as a power struggle ensues, the group quickly descend into violence, savagery and ultimately murder.
During my 28 years as a councillor, I have never experienced such a financial savagery, these cuts are vicious.
Crowds strain to watch the bloody display; Owners goad dogs to greater savagery
Utmost Savagery remains an indispensable addition to World War II military history shelves.
The Second Vatican Council recognized in Gaudium et Spes that today "the savagery of war threatens to lead the combatants to barbarities far surpassing those of former ages.
When the cruel savagery of nature's wrath becomes unacceptable, when a person is, like, 70, it is time for surgery.
The intolerance of the Catholic Church prevails, whether in the persecution of heretics and Jews, or the greed and savagery that inspired the Crusades endorsed by the Pope.
In a refreshing departure from the norm, Plank avoids what could have easily become yet another contribution to the ever-expanding inventory of Jacobite-related literature and instead enters into a less-than-philosophical, yet more-than-conceptual, examination of rebellion and savagery and, in particular, their definitional portents with respect to British colonialism.
That strategy is mapped out in The Management of Savagery, a 268-page document written by al-Qaeda insider Abu Bakr Naji and recently published in an English translation by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.
As in his previous Booker- and Whitbred-nominated Oxygen, Miller explores his characters' varied inabilities to engage successfully with the world, specifically in the creation of characters that are already, by profession, at least one step away from "reality": Clem Glass, a photographer who finds himself unable to hide behind his camera as he witnesses the savagery of the massacres in a Rwanda-esque African country, a savagery made personal by his photographs of Odette Semugeshi--a child who survived, wounded, amid the bloody carnage.
This tragic accident underlines the savagery of the sea.
A powerful parable of the importance of individual rights and decision-making, and a sharp denouncement of the savagery of American war crimes and two-faced justification of intolerable humanitarian outrages during the Vietnam occupation, God Go With Them ultimately champions the human spirit in its willingness to to take a stand based on what is right, in spite of the scorn of one's brethren.
Add threats to a local supermarket, clues in the locked bell-tower of a church, savagery on the dig and claims of innocence for a convicted killer - and here's another cracking good read with a tiny twist at the very end.
As America is currently engaged in war with Iraq, parallels will not be lost to readers as Durham transports them to the savagery and bloodlust of conflict in an ancient time before Christ.