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shaped like a sausage


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Again, the target or sausage-shaped appearance suggests intussusception, as seen en face or in profile, respectively.
Later on an ultrasound examination revealed a sausage-shaped mass with folded layers of intestinal wall.
Only recently it was discovered that one of the broken eggs contained tiny sausage-shaped structures, 2-3cm long and 1cm wide.
Coming in little cocktail sausage-shaped blobs, the delicious chickpea snack was warmed and served on a bed of hummus.
Smith, 43, had picked up the sausage-shaped package and returned from Inverness to Fort William, where police were waiting after a tip-off.
As well as vibrant colours, the new designs display a unique bow-tie, moustache and sausage-shaped cut out, reflecting the eccentric style of Norman Parkinson, the brand's creator.
At least 19 of the poisonous 10- inch sausage-shaped creatures have been found washed up on our shores in the past week.
Seven three metre biorolls - sausage-shaped coir mats planted with purple loosestrife, lesser pond sedge, reed canary grass, yellow flag iris and soft rush - were installed.
Practice will help to improve your omelette-making skills - ideally an omelette should be sausage-shaped and not browned.
It has scented maroon flowers in early summer, and after hot weather like this year's they are followed by fleshy, sausage-shaped, chocolate-coloured fruits.
The sausage-shaped ward would stretch from the Scott Arms, Great Barr, to Spaghetti Junction.
Huge sausage-shaped plastic tubes filled with sand are embedded in the ground to act like sand dunes.
For another test that Glass and Vice President Fay Mrini developed, they use natural sponges, synthetic sponges, a special water-filled sausage-shaped testing balloon, all thrown on top of a spread baby wipe to achieve a mixed media result.
As I looked up at the heart-warming scene, a tinge of red in the eastern sky, I couldn't help thinking of the geese looking down from above, seeing a man and two dogs looking up in wonder, the sausage-shaped one breaking the spell by barking as if he could somehow reach up into the early morning heavens.
Harbour seals are smaller and more sausage-shaped, and they appear much clumsier out of the water.