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slender long-beaked fish of temperate Atlantic waters

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The Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) is widely distributed in the western North Pacific from subarctic to subtropical waters and is one of the commercially important pelagic species in Japan, Russia, Korea, and Taiwan.
The amount of saury caught decreased, and the amount supplied to the market also dropped.
Les autres realisations de ce match ont ete signees par Mohamed Armoumen (40e), Abdelfatah El Kharrazi (77e) cote JSM et par Saury Dembele (47e) et Youssef Zouhri (75e) pour l'IZK.
Iwate's Ofunato dispatches 1st saury shipments since disaster
French producer of wooden hooks for wine barrels Charlois said it has acquired oak barrel maker Saury.
1995; Giacobbi, Roper, Whitney, & Butryn, 2002; Saury & Durand, 1998).
d'Arripe-Longueville, Saury, Fournier, & Durand, 2001; Hauw, Berthelot, & Durand, 2003; Seve, Poizat, Saury, & Durand, 2006; Seve, Ria, Poizat, Saury, & Durand, 2007) and a major advantage is that it allows researchers to understand the meaning that individuals construct during the course of activity.
A joint memorial service was held Thursday for the 16 crew members of a saury fishing boat which ran aground in stormy weather and was found lopsided off Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture last month.
Specialising in farmed squid, bluefin tuna and eel, as well as Pacific saury, Kimura shrugs as he says, "But even though we don't want to move, I expect when the time comes we'll have to go anyway.
chain in a private label line of mackerel, yellow fin sole and Pacific saury.
For everyday meals, Japanese people generally used other fish, such as sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel, or saury.
Springwood Boys responded to last week's reverse by beating Cantril Farm St Brigid's with goals from Joe Booth (2), Dayle Clifford (2) and Alan Saury.
Japan and Russia on Friday ended fishery negotiations without an accord on saury fishing in controversial waters around four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido that are claimed by Tokyo, Japanese officials said.
Japan and South Korea ended two-day fishery talks Tuesday without reaching agreement on specifics such as quotas for saury catches inside each other's 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zones.