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large elongated compressed food fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe

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Saurel lived in the 57-foot-wide townhouse until her death in 2008 at age 92.
But Saurel said: ``We have only had four days to recover, they have had 12, so that must give Uruguay an edge.
When we played Ireland four years ago and lost 70-12, I was asked if it was better for us to play smaller teams rather than the bigger ones,' said Saurel.
With: Didier Becchetti, Fred Saurel, Melanie Thierry, Bernard Campan, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Jean-Francois Gallotte, Jean-Paul Rouve, Marina Fois, Pascal Vincent.
In Japan, saurel, flatfish and squid caught nearby are eaten plentifully in households even if they are high priced as long as they are fresh enough to be eaten raw.
One case is the compartmentalization of the habitat between the larvae of the anchovy and the saurel in the North Atlantic.
Contract notice: Award of the concession of the service relating to the management of the chairlift to temporary connection of the vehicles "gimont - col saurel.
De son cote, le maire-adjoint, delegue a la Culture, Philippe Saurel, a souligne [beaucoup moins que]l'implication extreme[beaucoup plus grand que] du consul d'Algerie a Montpellier et la maire de la ville, Helene Mandroux, dans l'organisation de cette 28e edition.
Le 25 mai, le senateur Fabian Manning a ete nomme pour representer la province de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, et le senateur Larry Smith pour representer le district de Saurel au Quebec.
On May 25, 2011, Senator Fabian Manning was appointed to represent the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, while Senator Larry Smith was named to represent the district of Saurel in Quebec.
WHEN I met Eric Saurel at France's national organic wine fair in January, I was so impressed that I resolved to visit his vineyard before the year was out.
GEORGIA coach Claude Saurel has promised there will be no change in attitude when his team wave goodbye to the World Cup against Uruguay tomorrow.
Georgia are coached by 55-year-old Frenchman Claude Saurel, who was born in the south-western rugby stronghold of Beziers.
Georgia coach Claude Saurel has welcomed the return to fitness of World Cup captain Ilia Zedguinidze.