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Synonyms for sauce


Synonyms for sauce

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While most jarred pasta sauces can't beat that homemade goodness, many come close enough to make do when you're craving a little Italian flavor.
Chang's Home Menu has introduced a line of five premium sauces that brings the authentic, vibrant flavors of P.
Also institutional food chains, QSR chains, Cinema chains and other street food chains are drive the various Chinese & hot sauces products in India.
Aside from cult favorites like Frank's Red Hot and Sriracha, some of the hottest hot sauces out there are not as well-known.
However, comparing nutrition labels will show you that some pasta sauces are definitely healthier choices than others.
Among the sauces you'll find Carrot Sauce, Basil Pesto, and tomato or white sauces.
But how true is the notion that French produce was so poor that sauces were invented to disguise the flavours?
The author, who makes her home on a farm in Tuscany and has written more than two dozen cookbooks, is well versed in the four different types of sauces she includes -- vegetable, dairy, meat and seafood.
Give an exotic twist to a meal with Lloyd Grossman's range of Thai sauces.
Italian cooking sauces are the fastest growing segment of all sauces, being used in 486 million meal occasions every year.
Don't move to the East Coast just to find these extraordinary sauces (but you might throw them into the "plus" column if you're on the fence).
Just as the cut of meat is important to barbecue, so are the many types of barbecue sauces available to enhance the meat's flavor (not to mention the many types of fuels and cooking times involved in the process).
KNORR Mediterranean sauces include six extensively redeveloped and reformulated flavours plus two new exciting varieties to bring the ultimate in flavour, quality and appearance.
Thin, delicate pastas like angel hair or thin spaghetti should be served with light, thin sauces.