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having a concave shape like a saucer

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Lettuce can be grown in any pot, but where it really scores is in shallow, saucer-shaped troughs, where other veg would need deeper soil to survive.
The fortunes of the saucer-shaped drillship, which worked in the Beaufort Sea late last year, face particular scrutiny because it was a major part of Royal Dutch Shell's controversial and error-prone 2012 Arctic drilling programme.
THESE clumps of saucer-shaped, brightly coloured blooms look at home in any garden.
Among the gems in the collection is the St Swithun, a beautiful English climbing rose which produces large, saucer-shaped blooms in a romantic shade of pure pink blush, with a strong myrrh fragrance.
The earlier flowering magnolia campbellii mollicomata, planted in 1946 by Honora Keating, is usually covered in pink cup and saucer-shaped large flowers but it didn't do so well this year.
The man who orchestrated a hoax that his child had been carried away on a saucer-shaped balloon, has turned himself in to begin a 90-day jail sentence.
THE parents of a six-yearold boy who was feared to have floated off in a flying saucer-shaped balloon in Colorado, USA, will plead guilty to some hoax charges to keep the family together.
The boy sparked a 60-mile chase amid fears he was in a flying saucer-shaped balloon when it became detached from its mooring in his garden.
The sides of the resultant specimen are saucer-shaped, which permits the side margin and the deep margin to assume a single plane for histologic evaluation.
Of the 43 presentations, 13 are published here on such topics as lithological and structural controls on the emplacement and morphology of sills in sedimentary basics, constraining melt concentration and strain distribution around basalt dykes in partially molten olivines, and the evolution and morphology of saucer-shaped sills in analogue experiments.
Spawning: Male fans out a saucer-shaped nest in mud in spring, typically late April or May in much of the walleye's range.
The coanda effect that generates the UAV's lift is achieved by blowing air over the saucer-shaped vehicle's curved surface.
ALIEN RECORDS: Ministry of Defence staff recorded sightings of alien craft over Wallasey Town Hall and a saucer-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering over Waterloo Bridge, it has been revealed.
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' has rich red flowers like wee fireworks gone out of control and the saucer-shaped foliage turns deep ruby at the back end.
Although federal officials have said that it was probably just a weird weather phenomenon, the United Airlines employees reportedly swear they saw a saucer-shaped craft.