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Synonyms for saucer-eyed

having large round wide-open eyes


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Washington, March 21 ( ANI ): Researchers have said revealed the reason behind us becoming saucer-eyed from fear and squint from disgust.
He gawps saucer-eyed and openmouthed as fake news reports say it's been a fortnight since meteors hit the earth, infecting humans with a deadly virus.
I know I've spent enough time in front of the rotating cake display at the neighborhood French Loaf bakery in Bangalore hoping that Babyjaan doesn't notice she's gobbling big chunks of a paratha as she stares saucer-eyed at the "happys" (birthday cakes).
That white Swedish reporters swooped in to investigate and document the plight of people involved in and around the Black Power Movement and Black Panther Party, in a different country with different socioeconomic and cultural circumstances feels, in certain moments, like saucer-eyed, innocent aliens attempting to digest a situation that is clearly unjust, without quite fully comprehending the actual depth and breadth of its oppression.
The two-month-old saucer-eyed Asian elephant is one of many youngsters currently wowing visitors to Amsterdam's Artis Zoo.
They'll fit right in at a gathering where one of the biggest draws this year is a concert by pop star Hatsune Miku, a green-haired, saucer-eyed singer with more star power in the anime community than Lady Gaga, even though Gaga is real and Miku is not.
Together, the pair of scrawny, saucer-eyed 22-year-old Northerners, with a penchant for the lavish sound of days gone by, unexpectedly created a musical storm.
The cartoon: Speed's swan-necked, saucer-eyed sidekick/girlfriend, always up for adventure, even if it means she'll have to send the super-cute outfit she's wearing to the dry cleaners.
When Zakaria, a saucer-eyed boy from Senegal, began talking after months of anxious silence?
Barn Owl Bill has 70 of the saucer-eyed birds, Helen Hinde has 16 German shepherds (and previous for cruelty to animals) while Elizabeth and Beryl have 350 dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs at their farm (and are waiting for the outcome of cruelty charges - what a shock).
I think of it more as a puppy - that may, if you're not careful, be run over by a lorry as it wanders, saucer-eyed and defenceless, tail wagging in all innocence, out into the road.
Nomani, a tiny, saucer-eyed 40-year-old, found a spot in a corner of the sparsely appointed sanctuary and quietly went through the ritual bows and prostrations.
Despite having a sore thumb which leaves her in obvious discomfort, she plays songs from her highly acclaimed album The Milk-Eyed Mender; her saucer-eyed wisdom shining through on gems such as Bridges and Balloons, Sadie and The Book of Right-On.
The work is punctuated by sequences that evoke early cinema--most memorably, a lesson in which Ben-Ner demonstrates a flip book that conveys the illusion of an approaching train, leaving his sidekick as saucer-eyed with fear and delight as the Lumiere brothers' first audience.
Now, she claims, "99 percent" of what she reads is manga, a wildly popular form of Japanese comic books featuring saucer-eyed, dainty-nosed characters with big heads, luxuriant hair and spectacular figures.