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Synonyms for sauce


Synonyms for sauce

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The case is different with the giant thistle (with variegated leaves) of the Pampas, for I met with it in the valley of the Sauce.
To serve: Decorate plates with almond sauce and arrange crab and pea tendrils.
The men were given the tomato sauce and pasta for three weeks before they underwent surgery to remove their prostates.
HP Foods says that although cooking sauce is the largest sector of the Chinese sauce market, stir-fry sauces are today's star buys because stir-frying has become a popular way for health conscious consumers to cook.
FOR THREE GENERATIONS, A FAMILY IN Chapala, an hour's drive from Guadalajara in western Mexico, quietly produced a hot sauce called Cholula.
Cooking with bittersweet caramel sauce (kho) along with clay pot cooking, stir-frying, fresh salads (green papaya, cucumbers, cabbage, banana blossoms) and noodle preparations (in soups, salads and stir-fries) are also popular, says Nguyen.
Use fresh apple or pear sauce to top hot or cold cereal in the morning; serve as a 'dipping sauce' for toasted bagels, muffins, or cookies; top sorbet or frozen desserts; or spruce up unfrosted cakes.
In contrast, it's easy to find a great-tasting tomato sauce with no more than eight grams of fat per cup.
Soy sauce is included in this report due to its frequent use as the base of a marinade.
Reduce heat to medium and cook 20 minutes or until sauce is slightly thickened.
If you're using the frying pan, remove the tofu from the sauce (but save the sauce) and cut it into large squares.
Add the soy sauce, usukuchi soy sauce, and konbu, maintain at a low simmer for 10 minutes.
Expect about a third more meat than you'd get with meat sauce.
The combination of flavorful barbeque sauce ingredients as well as the various smoky tastes produced by cooking meats over different woods might make choosing a compatible cool summer wine seem intimidating.
The Mediterranean Sauce combines typical ingredients of Spain, Italy and Greece into a mouthwatering sauce for pasta, rice, meat, chicken or even as a pizza topping.