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Synonyms for satyr

an immoral or licentious man

Synonyms for satyr

man with strong sexual desires

one of a class of woodland deities


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A satyr-like figure -- later revealed to be the god Hyman (and played with a dancer's silkiness by Jordan Bass) -- orchestrates the mischief.
The performances are scarcely less incendiary, moving through a tight sequence of 15 scenes linked by McGuinness's invention of The Equivocator, a satyr-like figure who is part narrator, part interrogator.
Urisk a shaggy satyr-like spirit who haunted deserted places in the Scottish Highlands, particularly waterfalls.
Sarah Lucas's Dreams Go Up In Smoke incorporates a German bronze of a satyr-like figure mounting a beautiful nymph within a swirl of cigarettes - a material she also uses to outline a new self-portrait.