saturation point

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(chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor

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James Toller: trains Saturation Point ??A Lovable Rogue has improved for the fitting of cheekpieces 5.30 Ayr Despite finishing out of the frame stepped up to a mile at this track on his latest start nine days ago, the steady gallop wouldn't have helped Mike Smith's gelding and he's better judged on his three efforts in August.
"The situation at the Royal has reached saturation point with staff reporting patients being admitted to beds on the basis of length of wait and not clinical need.
The Treasury in Italy is seeking alternate funding channels following the near saturation point of the country's banking sector in terms of absorbing debt.
This end of Ely is at saturation point. So, Ely councillors, speak up for your constituents and put a stop to this ludicrous suggestion.
He said that when people drink alcohol normally, there's a saturation point when they realise they've had enough, but when you inhale alcohol that function doesn't kick in, so the potential for overdose is far higher too.
The civil -service jobs will soon reach a saturation point, and graduates will need to take any available positions.
Storage facilities at Korea's four nuclear power plants are expected to reach the saturation point from 2016 through 2021.
She said: "We've surely reached saturation point when it comes to betting shops in the Cardonald area.
The General Director of Mexico City International Airport, Hector Velazquez, has said that Mexico City needs a second airport as the existing one is at saturation point. He was speaking at an event in February organised by IATA and the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).
To a question, he said that the temperature is falling in flood-hit areas and the ground has reached to a saturation point.
Resident Dorothy Bottom, of Thomas Street, said 750 family homes had been built in a one-mile radius of the village centre during the past two to five years and it was beyond saturation point.
"I believe that with this the Kuwaiti market has reached saturation point for Islamic banks at this stage," the governor told the newspaper.
EASYJET chief executive Andy Harrison sees no saturation point for growth in budget air travel - or in capacity at Liverpool John Lennon airport.
In more than 100 years, we have traveled less than one-eighth of the way toward reaching the saturation point in our market.
In the igniting plasma, the changes in the shock-front velocity and dispersion are found to be a strong non-linear function of delay until a saturation point is reached.