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Synonyms for saturation

the process of totally saturating something with a substance

the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid

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a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence

chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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Specialists at Hunter Well Science, a subsidiary of Probe since December 2017, developed the tool to measure reservoir fluid saturation of oil, water and gas.
Among these 1240 patients, saturation biopsy (24-core) was performed in only 145 patients.
Ozone gas saturation and decomposition kinetics were evaluated using grains from four super sweet maize hybrids (Tropical Plus; GSS 42072; GSS 41499; GSS 41243) and one common maize hybrid (AG 1051), with moisture content around 13% (w.b.).
Coal samples with different water saturation levels are required in the tests.
Significant differences were found for arousal index (p < 0.001, mean difference between NREM-related OSA (46.5 [+ or -] 21.9) and REM-related OSA (21.1 [+ or -] 14.5) of 25.4 with a 95% CI from 20.5 to 30.2), for duration of saturation below 90% (p < 0.001, mean difference between NREM-related OSA (35.4 [+ or -] 33.2) and REM-related OSA (18.2 [+ or -] 27.2) of 17.2 with a 95% CI from 9.7 to 24.8), and for saturation nadir (p = 0.036, mean difference between NREM-related OSA (68.9 [+ or -] 16.3) and REM-related OSA (75 [+ or -] 14.1) of -6.1 with a 95% CI from -9.8 to -2.4).
Then, desaturation test was performed to reduce the oxygen saturation to 70% by controlling the respiratory gas, and the oxygen saturation measurement results were compared using the sensors with and without crosstalk prevention.
Many researchers investigated the input saturation problem and provided some solutions.
The period of saturation flow begins when the front axle of the fourth vehicle in the queue crosses the stop line or reference point and ends when the front axle of the last queued vehicle crosses the stop line.
Regarding these two approaches, one of the most important factors is the water saturation degree, which has a close relationship with the sealing ability of the samples.
KEY WORDS: Oxygen Saturation; Pregnant Women; Pulse Oximeter
Babies with pre-and post-ductal oxygen saturation measurement difference of >3% showed a detection rate of 16(45.7%) for critical congenital heart defects.
It is a boon especially for the patients suffering from respiratory or lung ailments; and requires continuous monitoring of their oxygen saturation and pulse levels.
Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the estimation of hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation of tissue by non-invasively functional laser imaging for early skin cancer diagnosis.
Among others, one may cite quantization, time-delay, polynomial systems, hysteresis, and saturation [2-6].