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medium-sized largely seedless mandarin orange with thin smooth skin

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All of the shares to be sold in the offering will be offered by Satsuma. Satsuma expects to grant the underwriters for the offering a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional 750,000 shares of common stock at the public offering price, less underwriting discounts and commissions.
Satsuma's President and Chief Executive Officer, John Kollins, commented, 'We are pleased to have recently dosed the first patient in our Phase 3 EMERGE efficacy trial, which we believe is the largest-ever clinical trial undertaken with any DHE product.
Satsuma Pharmaceuticals expects to report top-line data from the EMERGE trial in the second half of 2020.
5 large carrots juice of 3 large oranges plus zest of 1 1 satsuma, peeled then chopped (optional)
Moneybarn is Provident's vehicle finance unit and Satsuma is a short-term unsecured loan business.
I'll settle for a satsuma. And maybe another set of Scalextric.
4 Zest and juice the half lime and juice the satsuma into a bowl.
HE carries a scar from ear-to-ear after undergoing a life-saving operation to have a brain tumour the size of a satsuma removed.
"The Shogun's Harem"starts at 6pm and Lesley will tell stories of the life, luxury, intrigue and power wielded within the walls of the Women's Palace based on the story of Princess Atsu, the Satsuma girl sent at the age of 20 to be the shogun's bride and the heroine of Lesley's most recent novel,The Shogun's Queen.
Tremors with an intensity level of 5-plus on the Japanese scale of 0 to 7 were recorded in the Satsuma region of Kagoshima prefecture.
The scientists selected various citrus fruit: Valencia and Navel oranges and Satsuma mandarins from California; Minneola tangelo or Honeybell grown in Florida; and Marsh grapefruit from Texas.
The highlight of the visit was when they were each given a satsuma and had the chance of being a checkout operator, scanning their satsuma and receiving a receipt
EAT MORE FRUIT AND VEG IF YOU find yourself 3 craving food, try a clementine or satsuma instead of a biscuit, or go for sweet dried fruits such as dates or raisins.
BACK IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS (BBC2, 9pm) FOR those folk who regularly trot out 'ooh, Christmas was different in our day - we got a satsuma and a sixpence and we were 'appy', here's a chance to discover if that's really true.
The city assembly of Satsuma Sendai city in Kagoshima Prefecture convened an extraordinary session, in which adopted a petition in favor of resuming operations at the two-reactor facility, about 1,000 kilometers southwest of Tokyo.